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Lee dreaming of Boundary Park cauldron

Reporter: Simon Smedley
Date online: 07 March 2014

THE Boundary Park atmosphere debate is set to move to a whole new level after Athletic boss Lee Johnson spoke at length on the subject at his pre-match press conference.

The debate – which kicked off with feedback on switching the traditional ‘home’ end from Chaddy to the larger Rochdale Road stand – began after Johnson hailed the travelling support at Tranmere last Saturday. He said it would be to get the same sort of noise at home too.

Johnson himself is now backing the discussion among the club faithful.

The Athletic boss said: “The dream for me would be that at this time next year we’ll be competing at the top end of the table with regular 7,000 gates.

“I want people to enjoy themselves, to be watching a good brand of football and to have that affiliation with the players.

“The fans need to have that confidence and that buzz to want to come to a match, and certainly the new stand will help with that. We can’t lose touch with tradition, but I do want to move forward. The atmosphere in the ground isn’t ideal at the moment and I don’t know whether I was right or wrong to bring that up, but I’m just trying to look at it from everyone’s point of view.

“Match days can be a fan’s chance to show that passion, and even that tribal instinct if you like.

“There’s no bigger affiliation than there is with your football club, so why not go to a game and enjoy the atmosphere?”


Try telling the stewards in the rre about creating an atmosphere. They are power crazy, I was in there waiting for a friend who was arriving 10 minutes late due to work, I was sat down looking at the back of the stand for my friend to arrive and was told by a steward if I didn't turn around and watch the match I would be asked to leave the stadium. Any sort of enthusiasm is frowned upon.

The reason the Rochdale Rd end is noisier is down purely to the roof acoustics. If as promised the ground is to be 'totally refurbished in next 10 years' (announced when deal was done to switch back to BP) then Chaddy End roof has to be next! Even better put a "sit/standing section" and the singers will congregate.
I have tried Rochdale Rd end an it has a fantastic view but is FREEZING and the catering facilities are rubbish.

I think you'll find the atmosphere can be good if there is some endeavour out on the pitch.
We started the season playing good football & the fans were with you. On the eve of the Preston game we're watching a totally different side than the one that battered Preston.
The brand of football has changed with the team & there's been little desire since going 0-3 down against Posh!
We've always cheered when there's tryers out there, for e.g. early in the season when we didn't deserve to lose games.

Move the home fans into the RRE asap and stop living in the past - It is for the good of the club. If your cold wear another jumper, if your hungry take a butty with you. LETS MAKE SOME NOSE!!

Good luck in convincing the "traditionalists" to move from the Chaddy End and also, tell the R.R.E. stewards that they are not meant to behave like little Hitlers.

Lee, don't you know that any attempt at being "raucous" is not currently allowed and the fans have to sit down, watch the game and be quiet??

fitnil is bang on. The Stewards in the Chaddy End for the Wolves game were disgraceful, meanwhile when Carlisle were kicking the ground to bits they just stood and watched. Someone needs a word with them.

Fitnil. The stewards are there to make sure another Hillsborough doesn't happen. I've never had a problem sitting and cheering on the team. People seem to think that you associate making noise with standing. Since when has sitting down stopped anyone making noise? you can't blame them for doing their job. You can blame the "fan" for not doing his job and supporting the team as too many times this season the atmosphere has been dire yet the same old boring excuses of "stewards" comes out.

Agree with some of the comments on here, irascible, inflexible stewards need training in customer relations, fans are customers and should be treated accordingly with dignity and respect, not with contempt, I know people who never went back due to rude treatment. The total smoking ban is a farce, you should be able to pass out of the ground at half time, it isn't a prison, there is no reason not to. The CRE is a nightmare for viewing and acoustically, never understood why the RRE not home end.

bluefriendlydan, I was sat down when I was looking for my friend, the only thing different I was doing than anyother fan was looking at the entrances for my friend so I could show him where I was sat. The stewards job is to make sure health and safety regulations are adhered to and as far as I am aware, looking in a certain direction doesn`t cause any safety issues. The stewards in the RRE only pick on "easy" targets, as Accy blue says, they did nothing to the Carlisle fans.

Bad policing caused the Hillsborough disaster NOT weak stewards! And I remember the CRE as one of the noisiest stand ever, the roof is the same now as it was back then! Standing area? One thing I do not see much of around Boundary park is youngsters! The majority of supporters in the CRE are over 35! May be that's it? Cheaper tickets for teenagers! Loyalty scheme? The ground has been a mess for years and needs a lot of work to make it an enjoyable experience!


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