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Boss ponders fresh impact

Date online: 10 March 2014

SQUAD strengthening could be on the agenda again for Athletic manager Lee Johnson as he prepares for the visit of Rotherham without two key players.

Jonson Clarke-Harris’s red card for handball against Preston will see the striker serve his ban at Boundary Park tomorrow.

David Worrall is also unavailable in line with the conditions of his loan. He was a key player in Saturday’s game against Preston.

Johnson admitted he is considering bringing someone new into the side: “We will see if we can do that, if we have the time and the money to do that, and then decide,” he said.

Any new player fielded by Athletic would become the 38th used by Athletic in 2013-14. The window for emergency loans is open until March 27.

For the players who failed to fire against North End until it was too late, the challenge is to bounce back quickly.

“You can’t feel sorry for yourselves, can you? There is no way you can do that,” Johnson added.

“You have got to be a man, sleep on it and wake up lively again. It is important we don’t have shrinking violets.”

One aspect of the Preston game which pleased Johnson was the fans’ response to a request for a better atmosphere inside the ground.

He said: “They were brilliant and I thank them for that. I enjoyed the drum and they were going to sing win, lose or draw and that was fantastic.”

ATHLETIC’S home game with Sheffield United, which was due to take place on Saturday, April 12, is to be rescheduled due to the Blades’ continuing involvement in the FA Cup.


Toothless in attack, overpowered in midfield and 'wide open' at the back. Not only well beaten but humiliated at times. Mellor(not a full back) & Brown(never will be a full back) were totally outclassed and Simon Corney will be very much aware that his signature manager has not been given a fair crack. Preston were outplayed the last time we met but the transition since is laughable. Selling our best players and allowing such as Lanzoni to leave has left us with a very poor outfit altogether....

Tomorrow we play a Rotherham side who like their manager have a ruthless edge to them. LJ has opined the necessity for bringing in a new face or two due to current circumstances. It was obvious to a blind man that new defensive players plus a front man were required to boost a much weakened squad(this was weeks ago)if they are going to avoid the looming relegation trap door. By the way, look what Rooney is doing at Aberdeen, he did'nt do it at OAFC!! There is a great deal going wrong at B.P..

I'm desperately trying to be positive but boy its tough ! I was thinking of the team we could have chosen had it not been for letting good players go. Tarky, Lanzoni, Mills and Grounds at the back, Baxter, Smith, Wes and Harkins in Midfield, finally Philiskirk plus one new striker upfront to complete the dream team.! With our glut of tiny journeymen instead, its going to be a very difficult end to the season.

LJ, you can't be seriously thinking about yet another loan player.
Probably 80% of them have virtually no impact & the mere fact you've mentioned it must have knocked confidence within the team.
You are clearly telling them they're not good enough when they've hardly had a run in the team in their actual position. I think an arm round them & building confidence is needed not out for the next game, although it's probably to little too late now.

38-40 players is not maintainable.

Plan for L2.

'Team will rise to the challenge' said Tika Taka Lee Johnson, 'let's put fans minds at ease' said ineffective David Worrall. Well you didn't and you haven't.

I can't believe it's only thirty odd players that's been used! I still expect to see Chaddy the Owl in the starting line up. Mind you, he couldn't do worse than some of the performances I've witnessed from some of our players. If L J is supposed to be a stats fan, how many of the goals against us have come from Oldhams left side of the field? Mellors not a left back, we need a player like Mills ASAP and a centre forward who can score.

I was a big LJ fan but is seems his only way of solving problems is to bring in more players.
perhaps play a settled team and see how they do in a few games. ok we lost against preston and we should lose tomorrow but messing with the team game after game doesn't help

Oldham are in big trouble here....this experiment with a rookie boss has fallen flat. yes Lee Johnson is bright with some fresh ideas but i think he is ahead of his time for this division. he's got a 3 year contract now so either its going to come together or we are going to plummet into Oblivion. We hardly score yet are like a sieve at the back..Adam Rooney has been prolific again in Scotland 6 in 8 yet just couldnt do it for us...I hope Latics can pull it together....

Lee Johnson needs to get a loftier view of the action as he is clearly missing things from pitch side. Firstly Worrall was ineffective on the right wing along with most of the team in the first half. After half time Worrall started to wander a bit and whether it was the player's own initiative or the manager's, he linked up with Harkins on three or four occasions to good effect. One such move ending in a very good goal. Mustn't forget JCH's part in that. Worrall was then subbed? Weird!

Don't make me laugh LJ remember Adam Rooney you know the one you let go for NOWT well he scored again on Saturday in the SPL thats 6 goals in 8 games I think you are confusing the squad by filling their heads with to much information and tatics, Just let them get on with it and make things simple for once.


Rooney maybe scoring in the SPL but that league is a one team league which is already 21 points ahead at this stage of the season.The other teams are no better than League Two English sides.Lee Johnson needs,as others have stated,to sit in the stands and oversee the play.On Saturday we were pathetic in the first half all over the pitch.The only time we came back to life was when Clarke- Harris came on and bullied their defence. Let's get 2/3 more players like him who put 100% wearing the shirt

lets all look at what Rooney is doing at Aberdeen before we start blaming our strikers. Fact is we don't have quick enough wingers or full backs and lack a solid centre back. we do have a decent midfield playmaker in harkins however he is constantly played out of position on the wing. He plays best in the centre on the left alongside Worrall on the wing. I do like Johnson but players being played out of position is starting to look like what happen with Dickov, clark-harris should have started.

Well "Oldham4Life" at least in the SPL they play football up there. When they have the ball, most teams make it damn hard for the opposition to get it back - that's something you don't see to often at BP is it? And yes, i do go and watch matches "live" and put my backside on a seat - like i used to when OAFC had a team of footballers with Wood Whittle Bebbington, et al. Keep the ball, score more goals, pass and run. Easy game when you know how


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