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All quiet tonight!

Date online: 11 March 2014

LEE Johnson reckons there won’t be a repeat bout of the dug-out duel with Rotherham manager Steve Evans tonight.

Earlier this season Evans was sent an official warning letter by the FA after his antics during the thrilling last meeting between the clubs in September.

At that smart new venue, the coaching staff are stationed around the midpoint of each half.

An ugly ending to a game Rotherham won 3-2 saw Athletic’s goalkeeping coach Bobby Mimms exchange angry words with Evans while his assistant Paul Raynor and Johnson also appeared to have a frank conversation.

Athletic’s manager will be within spitting distance of Evans amid Boundary Park’s closer confines tonight, but says he is not expecting arguments this time.

“I’m not; hopefully not, anyway,” Johnson told the Chronicle, when asked if he expected sparks to fly.

“Evans has done a good job, albeit with a lot of money. It is no fluke those clubs riding high have had a lot of cash to go with it.”

Free-scoring Rotherham, who have scored 26 goals in their last 10 gams, have already all but cemented their place in the top six of the league.

Athletic are struggling at the other end of the division and while Johnson stressed that the mood at the club can quickly change with a win, his task isn’t helped by the absence of banned Jonson Clarke-Harris tonight.

Stockport capture Rhys Turner could even be thrown in to make his full debut as the home side hunt for goals, even though Johnson urged some caution over the teenager.

“Rhys has done well,” he added. “He is young and we have to drip-feed him in, but he certainly has confidence in his own ability.”


How on Earth Lanzoni was allowed to go and warm the bench at Yeovil, whilst Mills does ditto at Shrewsbury, is absolutely beyond belief.

Just those two players alone, and Latics could be looking at a different scenario. I won't even mention Rooney.

Stop saying we'll miss JCH.
If he's scoring goals maybe. He isn't & he only puts it about when he's bothered, the fact he's a striker & can't score means he's not very good at his job & I've watched enough of him, he should have at least 10 league goals.

I think we might be helped by his ban so the lad (Turner) gets a run out, which he should have had way before now anyway, given our other strikers are either terrible or played out of position, it may just be the answer.

If the players you brought in during the transfer window are not considered good or experienced enough to be pitched into a relegation scrap, why bring them in at that point? We need players who can keep us in the division. Play Turner and Winchester for me, they certainly couldn't play any worse than the performances we had on Saturday. If the players are not up for the fight leave them out.

On the money front, how much of the Baxter/Tarky/FA Cup run cash has been wasted on over 35 players this season.
Journeymen wages, contracts paid up, unsuccessful loan spells (exc. Mills/Harkins).

Lanzoni/Schmelz/Montano/Rooney/Jokts/Rachubka/Stead/Rusnak/Plummer/Worrall/Kissock etc.

Can't complain about a budget when ours has been squandered.

6 months ago battering Preston, 6 months on comprehensively beaten by them.

It's clear to see whats wrong.

I will take a point right now.
Please go out and attack tonight then even if we lose we can say we tried. first half against preston was awful

Not been for a month but get a flavour of the performances from the websites.I commented a month ago that the batch of signings were sub-standard, there is also a lack of power & strength within the team so the recent results do not suprise me. I will be at Crewe hoping for the best but expecting the worst as i am a realist who knows that if you dont score you dont win. Only 100% effort & application will be acceptable for the rest of the games or its party over for Oldham !!!

Rhys Turner looked far to weak and timid.

The whole team lacks height, strength and desire too many better players have left with bargain basement replacements!
Crowd down another 1000 gate boosted by larger than normal away support. Supporters are sick of seeing this bunch fail on home soil.
Situation is starting to expose the cost of the new stand - RELEGATION!


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