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Fans can roar us to safety

Date online: 18 March 2014

BARRY Owen is backing Athletic to get out of danger — and wants fans to play their part in the crunch clash with Crawley.

Trust Oldham’s chairman - the supporters’ representative on the Latics board - confirmed his belief that manager Lee Johnson is capable of improving fortunes on the field.

Athletic have won only one of their last eight fixtures and are finding it a struggle to rise above the bottom four.

But Owen reckons Johnson’s assembled squad is good enough to find better form very soon — and that strong vocal support on Saturday will help to bring in three vital points.

“I have every confidence the manager and his staff can pull things round,” Owen said. “We have nine games left to get the 11 points I believe will be sufficient. We have to be positive and support the team.

“The league table doesn’t lie, but it is up to us to take it on. We know fans are disappointed with our current league position. You’ve got to be honest and say these are worrying times. But I still believe we have enough ability and skill to pull clear of the drop zone. The atmosphere at Boundary Park can make a big difference.”


The only reason Owen is saying this is that he knows there will be a bad crowd due to the players performing so badly.
Also, If Mr Owen is the fans representative why has he not supported them in wanting to relocate to the Rochdale road end of the ground to create a better atmosphere at games.
we only hear from him when the chips are down.....What else does he do?

Clueless, absolutely clueless. So the club have wheeled out old Barry to make a statement in these totally depressing Times, this time last year, Courtney was in the press slamming all and sundry over our predicament. BTW where is our esteemed leader in these times of crisis?

And what makes the club think enough people are going to show up against Crawley to 'roar' them on?
Nearly 30 years a season ticket holder and i've never felt so detached from the club as i do now!
All well and good building another stand but with the inept performances on the pitch they'll struggle to fill 2 stands now.
Are we not due a Corney rant soon too?

Barry - LJ hmself has admitted the team has got worse. Your appeal to the (dwindling number) of fans is clutching at straws. The fact is good performances on the pitch, and a manager who can put a winning team together and is aware of 'tactics' would soon have an atmosphere back at the club. The onus is on the players (who are, in many cases, simply not good enough - despite what you say. I have friends who have been attending matches at BP since the 1950s (some even longer)who have 'given up'.

I am sure if our man of the people was back in the stands as he used to be, his opinion would be a little different.

It didn't make a big difference against Preston.

Seriously the league position isn't the worry it is symptomatic of the amount of players used, the complete abandonment of the passing philosophy we saw at Deepdale.

I don't understand how that team didn't get a run (barring injuries) till at least Xmas where it seems we were likely to lose our best player, and once again to the team that will likely get promoted.

For the measly sums we received we might as well have kept them.

How much is Rooney worth now?
Why oh why was he allowed to leave on a free.

Keep LJ on but (LJ) please make sure that you get all your mistakes out this season.

Back to the passing philosophy next year, whatever league we're in.

Barry you all say the right things but results and performances do not lie. Wake up and realise that relegation is now much more of a reality than not. We need some results. To blame the supporters for the lack of atmosphere just shows how far you all have your heads buried in the sand. Still I will make my 220 mile round trip as I do to every home match in the hope of seeing the team perform a miracle.

I've just scrawled through the fixtures/results on Latics WWW.
You won't be surprised to know that the team (starting 11)that played Preston at Deepdale was never put together again after that match.
LJ's Humpty Dumpty definitely fell of the wall.

In fact we haven't had a back to back line up all season.

Relocating fans to the the chaddy end for the crawley game is not only wrong but grossly unfair. A better atmosphere would be generated by the kids shouting banter at the away fans and what about those who purchased a season ticket there because they didn't want to sit with a obstructive view. Also anything but 3pts on Saturday then LJ needs to be removed immediately as preparation for league 2 will need to commence.

Clueless club. I'm surprised we have 2,600 hardcore the way we are teated.

Why should the fans be moved about just to appease Lee Johnson to make it a better atmosphere at Boundry Park. Well get a team first, one we can see every week not team of Lee Johnson's mates past their sell by date. Our young lads coming through the ranks don't get a proper chance they need a few games to adjust, young lads trying to break into the side have no chance while Lee Johnson's there, get rid before it's too late, full of promise and nothing only ruined what we had. Taxi for LJ

why dont the directors give up there seats and buffet pay 20 pounds plus pie an d coffee and go in chaddy smell the coffee barry

Has Barry Owen, Ian Hill or Lee Johnson ever been in Chaddy Rd end?

The can be a cracking atmosphere inside the stand but you can't hear it in Main Stand or on the pitch due to the roof.

When do the supporters next have a vote to decide if they still want Owen as their representative ?

It seems more and more that Owen has lost track with what the supporters actually want - but, of course, he is the current supporters' representative; sitting in the main stand and enjoying pre and post-match hospitality at the club's expense.


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