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Tarky MkII!

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 20 March 2014

Loanee is replica of fans’ former favourite

ATHLETIC’S newest defensive signing will give fans a reminder of what they had in James Tarkowski, says manager Lee Johnson.

Plans to fetch Tarkowski back to Boundary Park on loan after his move to Brentford didn’t work out — which was a big blow for Johnson.

The quest for an experienced replacement was unsuccessful but in 19-year-old Norwich City defender Adel Gafaiti, Athletic has landed an exact replica as cover - though one untested in professional football.

“Adel is like a French-Algerian version of James Tarkowski,” said Johnson, whose acquisition of the player on emergency loan was pushed by the prolonged absence of Genseric Kusunga, who remains two weeks short of resuming training.

“He is good on the ball likes to come out with the ball. He is unproven at this level, but will get his go,”

Tarkowski, who on Saturday serves a one-match ban, will be back when Brentford visit Boundary Park on March 29.

Johnson hopes to have captain Korey Smith available again for more than half of the club’s remaining fixtures.

Had Smith’s knee problem happened at the start of the season, it is likely he would have had surgery. As it is, the player has no significant pain and Athletic will carefully manage his condition.

“Korey certainly won’t be able to play three times in a week,” Johnson said. “We have to be really careful.”


sad to lose him, an excellent player we sold off to quickly and look at the mess we are in now.

How about just keeping the fans favourite in the first place rather than selling when someone showed an interest.

How can a team be built when others even in the same division know we are ripe for a cheap sale.

Why didn't Johnson let him play last week if he thinks he's that good?.....what's the point in bringing players in then not playing them...

For miserable Latics fans, herein maybe lies the reason, or one of them for the collapse of everything good that was starting to build at B.P.

J.T. wanted to improve, but both he & LJ were under the impression he would return until the end of the season, what kind of deal was that? Club Chairman handshake I guess.

Since J.T.joined Brentford they've not lost or conceded a goal when he's played, he's scored & sent off.
In the meanwhile ex Latics cast offs appear in most teams on live TV games.

There is one BIG difference he isn't ours!

Has Lee Johnson looked at a fixture list? When are we schedule to play 3 games in a week (7 consecutive days) ... Err nope we don't

So Tarky MK2 but he's only cover?
If you are good enough you are young enough.

I know I have repeatedly said we need to keep a stable team together over the last few months but surely it is a little late for that given the amount of players we've used.

Our defence has leaked 10 goals in 5 games. If he is as good as Tarky perhaps he should be thrust in to the action.

He has been trained by a premier league club after all and we are stuck with Lockwood, a player Bury released.

So to cap it all Tarkowski will be lining up against us will he? Not only was the supposed loan back a non starter, but nobody has thought to put in an exclusion cause to the deal to stop him playing against us. Remember Mark Allott a few years back? Loaned out to Chesterfield and allowed to come back AND SCORE against us! All so depressing. The only way my gloom will disappear at the moment, apart from the team winning of course, is if Mr Harkins is signed on a permanent contract ...

And just as he starts to settle in, he'll be off and you'll have to find someone else.

LO - "everything good that was starting to build at BP". What was that? I must have blinked and missed it.

Yes LO and I have just read that Adam Rooney has won player of the month in the SPL. The salt keeps getting rubbed in ever deeper.

Pablatic........Brentford have bought Tarky, he is their player!! If they want him to play against us he plays....simples.


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