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We can beat Os, says striker

Date online: 24 March 2014

JONSON Clarke-Harris has a message for those who doubt Athletic’s chances at Leyton Orient tomorrow.

“Don’t expect us to go there not thinking we can win — because we know we can,” said the 19-year-old striker after enjoying his finest game for the club against Crawley.

“We go down there full of confidence. We know we can get something out of the game and our away record is good.”

The ex-Coventry and Peterborough player led the line against Crawley with intelligence and earned praise from his manager: “It was one of my best games,” said Jonson. “I had to win my individual battles and that is what I did.

“Playing with experienced players like Charlie MacDonald, Danny Philliskirk and Adam Rooney, I have learned things from all of them. I got in the right positions. I am going to keep working hard and keep trying.”

His manager Lee Johnson felt that on his second successive start for the team, Clarke-Harris’s physicality proved a useful asset.

“He worked his socks off and saved himself at the right times,” Johnson said.

“We have said it before that this is a 19-year-old boy. He looks like a man. He hasn’t had much football education yet, but the more he plays and trains, the better he gets.

“There is potential there. He has got so many attributes — he is big, strong, he has a good left foot and a better touch than most big lads.”


We are all hoping you beat them. It was a better game by you on Saturday.

why oh why did we have jon stead come into the squad? danny and jono should be given time to play! they are the future seeing as they have both sign contracts recently. Where is the point in bringing in loan strikers for a month? since rooney has left he is scoring plenty so its midfield and defence that needs the cover.

There wasn't one aspect of Matt Smiths' game that didn't improve significantly simply by having a long run in the first team. JCH has more talent than M.S. and more potential so let him learn while he plays.

At 7/2 odds, I'll keep my money on the mantelpiece

Don't make me laugh Clarke-Harris, you don't even know where the net is.

Good news, I'm going.

It's because of people like you, chaddyender, that young players struggle to find confidence at BP.

Well done, Chaddyender........you really went out of your way to offer a 19 yr old (I'll repeat that in case you missed it...in fact, I'll put it in capitals....A 19 YEAR OLD) your support in his footballing education with that puerile comment. How about something constructive instead of that cheap dig you gave!!!


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