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Club defends increase in season tickets

Date published: 31 March 2014

ATHLETIC have defended an increase in season ticket prices for 2014-15 — the first in seven years.

Fans who had been paying £303 this season for Boundary Park’s lowest-priced adult ticket in the George Hill Main Stand lower section will have to spend £325 for next year — seven per cent more.

Trust Oldham chairman and club director Barry Owen pointed out the extra income will help to keep the club running and help to pay for the new stand.

Fans will have the opportunity to switch to the new stand once it is open next season, for a one-off £30 fee. This option will be available first to former season ticket holders in the old Broadway stand.

Junior season tickets can again be purchased for as little as £10.

“It is a slight increase and I am sure it will attract some comment and criticism,” said Owen. “But this is the first rise in seven years. We have kept it to an absolute minimum.

Admission on match days will cost £22 for adults in all sections other than the Main Stand lower, where it is £20.

Season ticket prices for 2014-15 (until May 9):

George Hill Main Stand upper: Adults £350, under-16s £50, over-65s £180;

George Hill Main Stand lower: Adults £325, under-16s £50, over-65s £170;

Verlin Stand: Adults £330, under-16s £50, under-12s £10, over-65s £160;

Zen Office Chaddy End: Adults £350, under-16s £50, under-12s £10, over-65s £180.


We're being penalised for turning up. You're trying to make ends meet because fans are leaving the club, well who's fault is that?
The £30 'admin' fee for moving to the north stand is preposterous too. What admin is involved, really? You print one new ticket out & give your Chaddy ST back that will be unused, most likely.
If I want to wait for North stand I miss the discount deadline.
£22 match day fee, when I can watch Prem footy for just £3 more?
You've no clue how to run this club.

With prices like those is it any wonder attendances have been pathetic?

You can't really criticise the first increase in 7 years.

you cant have it both ways. cheap tickets cheaper players. dearer tickets better players. simple

Can understand the club putting their prices up, but seven percent is to much.

Considering our home form in the last 7 years, they've never deserved to rise. It's a fine line you're treading now Latics, because if you continue as the past few years people aren't going to pay £22 to watch it. There has to be increased investment in the team I'm afraid and BP has to be better value for money, in both product on the pitch and facilities on ALL four sides.

So season tickets prices have been announced and their is a increase in match day prices. How do they know which division we will be in? And surely there should be some sort of pre-order for the north stand as it has to become the most populated stand. Also someone tell me why do the club charge the same price for the main stand a they do to sit behind the goals? Who in their right mind would sit behind the goals and see nothing, when they can sit on the side and see everything. Madness.

No season ticket price rises for seven years and then you complain about an extra 91 PENCE PER GAME, unbelievable! With fans like that we are a league 1 club with a lot of non league fans and they are taking the club with them

With the new stand being built the club have increased the capacity surely prices should have dropped quite significantly to put bums on seats . Man city are increasing their ground and offering season tickets for 299. Premier league football better standard better stadia several miles down the road and cheaper. Our club won't take a gamble getting people in. Tragic. We will lose more fans especially younger ones

It does seem odd to charging for an unknown product i.e. league 1 or league 2. I intend relocating from the chaddy but I will wait until next summer rather than pay £30 for 2 minutes button pushing.

This is a business not a charity, the owners have lost money year upon year since they took over, sorry, saved the club from extinction is more like it.
For goodness sake £13.00 or less per game on a Season Ticket sounds like a fair deal to me.
Clearly usual one eyed viewpoint on this, but of course the present Latics fans can't see what damage is being caused by this constant sniping.
There won't be any club after 2015 if you keep blaming Simon Corney, I wouldn't blame him if he said goodbye !

I always told myself years ago that if admission prices at Boundary Park ever get beyond £15 then I’ll stop going. I would love to go back to BP but what is effectively 3rd division football and the last 5 years only 30% of games won then £22 a game is extortionate. Football fans are being penalised for greedy footballers and their agents. They should try doing a Full Time 40 hour a week job with 4 weeks holiday a year, then they would know they were born.

Im sorry to have to say what a bunch of whingers at the first increase in 7years. As previous posters have stated you get what you pay for less money coming in lower standard of player avaliable. I wonder how many of you would put your hands in your pockets without moaning if success could be guaranteed....saying that you would probably still have a gripe at the mere thought of having to move your arms ...pathetic.

A business operates on the fact they have a product in demand & even then they have to heavily discount in order to get people in to buy these days.
Cost of living is going up but no-one is getting paid any extra.
It's a double edged sword & you have to take a gamble, fans will stay away due to the price (not value for money IMO) & fans that stay have to pick up the pieces.
If you can't afford to run the club then sell us to someone who can. I.E. KOUKASH. Except that ship has sailed now.

Also, it's actually £15.22 per match for the Chaddy, that's if I can afford to get it before the (early) deadline.
If not it would be £18.26 a game.

£420 season ticket to watch L1 football is just outrageous.

Bradford took a chance on a £200 season ticket and got in 10000.

If fans are important to home performances then get them in first and talk price increases when we start looking like a team that can win, or go up.

No increase in 7 years I hear but it was massively overpriced 7 years ago, as mentioned above there are so many examples of clubs in our locality where you could watch a higher standard in superior surroundings for less. The food and toilet facilities in the main stand are disgraceful but it's £350 for the pleasure then to be charged a further £30 if you want to move to the North Stand is shocking. Plus shouldn't Mr Owen's role be to take fans concerns to the board not dictate to them how it is.

So latics Observer you rather lose 1000 fans at which you would lose 20.000 a week over the season that's 520.000 plus you think this club can survive on 2.500 fans a week. What we need here to rethink . i thought oldham council was putting towards the cost of the new stand nothing has been said about that and if Mr Corney wants to go let him. he is asking to much for our club he trying to be greedy any other bright ideas you got think again.

Maybe the fans could use this as an opportunity to get the Chaddy End switched to the away end. If NOBODY renews their ticket for the Chaddy End, and instead buys one for the RRE, then maybe the board will take notice.

Basically Kevo and sadly some others, you dont have a clue what it costs to run any football club, and most though I understand not ours !... are basically insolvent and on the very edge of disappearing.

OAFC is not just football players, there are more staff behind the scenes in various departments, most of which have to be there to deal with THE BUSINESS.

Work it out for yourself I estimate in all - 70 staff at just £100 per week is £7k, the reality is our wage bill is nearer £25k per week !

You have a choice, if you can't afford it, don't go. I've heard it all before for decades, as soon as the team as a whole gets success the fans will go back, the club will hopefully become a success, all this sniping and animosity towards the owner will stop.
Who on earth do you all think is paying for this new stand.?

Check your facts before you post wildly inaccurate views and comments, Dr.Koukash was not suitable for the ongoing survival of OAFC. Why was Lookers demolished.? it was unsafe.

I hope Simon Corney doesn't leave because no one else wants to put money into the club, without Simon Corney we wouldn't have a football club having said that the performance and entertainment levels have been one of the worst seasons. LJ not allowing our younger players coming through the ranks a fair chance so what's the point in having a reserve team and youth teams. We may as well get rid of this system and save thousands of pounds, LJ won't give the kids a chance.

Where is your proof he wasn't suitable?
Last I looked he had made Salford Rugby a top flight team and built them a new self sustaining stadium.
I would hardly call it wild accusations. I welcome your evidence.

Oh and congratulations on you being able to afford it, I'm sure other people who love Latics as much would love to be in your position.

@LaticsWaj: Salford were already in the Superleague, and playing at their new stadium before Koukash took over.

Yes, he has pumped money into the playing side, but I doubt it will bring instant success.

Clearly LaticsWaj, you can't afford to watch Latics or indeed any football team, which is not just circumstances but your choice like many other people in this Country who get their priorities wrong.
In reality for what amounts to the price of just one packet or fags or maybe 3 pints at the most per week, they could be put aside if football is more of a priority because over a whole year the most expensive Season Ticket costs the equivalent of approximately £8 per week as against fags or booze.

And further Latics Waj & many others not just yourself, so I'm not having a go at you.
Owning and running any football club in any Country is a major gamble and massive financial risk, there's very little hope of any profit on the goods or services offered, it is purely entertainment & clubs have to adapt their own facilities to try & run a viable BUSINESS.(North Stand)

Just check the facts on any of the 92 clubs, about 1% of them run at a profit, the rest don't without sponsorships.

SC is OK!


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