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Pump up the volume!

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 01 April 2014

ATHLETIC are delighted with the continued response from supporters to get Boundary Park rocking.

The first experiment – which invited fans to switch to the Zen Office Chaddy End against Crawley - was successful and noise levels rose further when Brentford arrived on Saturday and supporters packed much of the Verlin Stand.

Chief executive Neil Joy described it as “the best atmosphere he could remember” at a league game.

Athletic are keen to produce another plan to help fire up fans for home game against Coventry on April 21.

By the time that match comes around, much more of the new North Stand will be up, another source of satisfaction for fans and board members alike.

“It is all very positive and the feedback has been good,” said Joy. “A lot of hard work has gone into preparing the ground and fans can now see that the stand is taking shape.”

Manager Lee Johnson was also delighted at the noise levels at Boundary Park: “We’re on a good run and everyone is with us,” said the manager. “It helped us and I thank the supporters for that. It’s a constant drone and it pushes the boys on. They appreciate it as much as I do and have put in some decent displays of late.”


if the stewards in the rocky rd end have their way there wont be an atmosphere. they tried there best first half hour to kill all attepts to make noise.
If cov and sheff united we are all in chaddy end can we all go into the verlin for notts county.

A constant drone ...same could be said about some of the posters on here !

Time to give the chaddy end to away fans, unfortunately we are now selling season tickets for it OPPS!!!

You must have home and visiting fans under the same roof. If visiting fans are at the other end of the ground there will be no atmosphere.

if it is considered that the RRE end is to be the main stand for home supporters then OAFC need to attack that end in the second half, the atmosphere on Saturday would have been even better.

I accept that referees should never be swayed by crowd reaction but you do wonder whether a full Chaddy End appealing for a penalty for the "foul" on Wesolowski on Saturday might have had more effect. Sat in the Rochdale Road End it looked like a penalty from 100+ yards away but the fans in the Chaddy End would have had a much better view to let their feelings be known. Surely this is an argument for keeping home fans at both ends?

Spot on lee i emailed the club about attacking the RRE second half for saturdays game. Trouble is they don't listen. As for announcing season ticket prices before saturdays game what was the point of the trial if it was already decided the chaddy was the home end again. Ridiculous . Great atmosphere RRE its a must be it won't happen. Marketing at latics is not the greatest


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