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Bedding down!

Date online: 02 April 2014

ATHLETIC’S players could be invited to SLEEP on the job if their manager gets his way.

Lee Johnson’s dream for a revamped Boundary Park includes a hotel, which would have rooms in which his men could get some sleep between training sessions.

Having examined methods overseas, Johnson thinks UK players have things too easy - and he reckons assigning beds in a new facility built into the new North Stand could pay dividends on the field.

“Obviously there is the physical side of things, and players need the rest,” he said. “A big part of my thinking would be to get beds into a club.

“If you had an hotel or dormitory you could have a Spanish-style siesta to repair muscles and go out and train again.

“One of the problems I have with English football is that not enough training goes on. From what I’ve seen abroad there’s a bit more of an edge. They have facilities to train two or three times a day.

“Here, it is difficult to ask someone who lives an hour away to come in three times a day. You can lose people that way. But I would if there was an hotel in the corner of the ground where they could have a little siesta.”


Very clever, but isn't this article day late?

See, he thinks he's Pep Guardiola!

There's been to much sleeping on the pitch if you ask me! But nevertheless 3pts on Saturday will do nicely. And then maybe we can start looking forward to our 18th or 19th (lost count) season in this pub league.

How about a nice new score board with action replay when a goal is scored for the fans, that would be nice it won't cost that much because they don't score many goals ha! but seriously it would be nice to have a scoreboard facing the main stand, that would be brilliant. Every club has one but not Oldham, we used to have one many years ago so let's have a treat for the fans.

Why is it difficult for someone who lives an hour away to do three lots of training per day ?

I live an hour from my work and do a physical job, but I stay there all day and don't keep nipping back home for a sleep - and I don't doubt that the players are getting paid far more than I am.

I think this is ridiculous, Im quite sure Chelsea and Man City players don't get a little sleep during the day and there doing ok, oh but maybe it magically makes your ability to pass, defend corners and score goals improve???
Don't often rant on here but this is ridiculous!


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