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Beyond the call of duty

Date online: 03 April 2014

MARIO Cavallino has shown his support for Athletic by becoming one of the first fans to buy a season ticket for 2014-15 — despite living in Afghanistan for nine months of the year!

The 43-year-old one-time Royton and Crompton School pupil is a lifelong fan of Latics but is about to start a new role for NATO at Kabul airport.

He will return on leave for a month in August – just in time for the start of new season.

But the former flight sergeant, who left the RAF after 23 years in November, will mainly be following the club’s fortunes over the internet — from 3,500 miles away.

And if he is still prepared to help swell Athletic’s bank balance, he reckons others should too.

“I had a season ticket last year, but this time I didn’t get one as I knew I would be working away,” said Cavallino, whose father owns a Yorkshire Street hairdressing business.

“But I wanted to do my little bit for the club, so I decided to get one for next season. Hopefully plenty of others will do the same.

“We have a cracking young manager in Lee Johnson and the club has stability under Simon Corney, who despite all the criticism has done superbly to keep this club afloat. Things are moving forward, as you can see from the new stand.”

::Athletic have offered professional contracts to three second-year trainees. Goalkeeper Joel Coleman and prolific striker Jordan Bove – both in the first-team squad for the Brentford game – are joined by Jack Truelove.

John Pritchard, who hit the crossbar with a shot against Colchester in December, has been released, as have Will Kinder, Tom Clarke, Michael Brewster and Haydn Foulds.


Here we go again, its spin time at oafc now they want our money, bet he gives it to a friend or relative to use, no ones going to pay £300+ and not use it, Lee,s a top bloke and so is Simon LOL LOL , ohh dear ive fallen over laughing!!

Fair play, I have been living abroad for the last 5 seasons and during my first season did the same thing...changed my mind the second season after seeing a handful of games with my season ticket during the first season.

Spidj666 I'm the gentleman in the article. I won't be giving the ticket to anyone. I've done it to show my support for my club. The chronicle got on touch and not the club. I hope you haven't hurt yourself when you fell. Instead of being negative do something positive for the club. Happy to meet you face to face to discuss the matter.


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