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Kusunga KO

Date online: 17 April 2014

GENSERIC Kusunga has pulled up in training AGAIN — this time with his other hamstring the cause.

Exasperated Athletic manager Lee Johnson described how the Swiss-born Angola international defender succumbed only two days after returning after a lengthy absence with a thigh problem.

Kusunga (26) hasn’t featured since being dismissed at MK Dons. His lack of action — he has played only 25 times since joining the club in September — may cause Johnson to send him to a specialist in Milan after the season ends.

His consistent muscle injuries must also cast doubt on whether the option to keep him for a further year will be invoked.

“He trained unbelievably for two days,” said a stunned Johnson. “He was smooth on the ball, strong and composed. It was completely innocuous. He went to stud a ball down and did his hamstring.

“He has impressed this year, but he has got to stay fit. I would like to have him about, but we can’t afford to have someone who is only going to play 10 games.

Kusunga’s absence means that on-loan Adel Gafaiti again represents the sole senior cover in the heart of defence.

But Johnson remains buoyant about tomorrow’s Colchester game: “Like anyone in the bottom half, with their best 11, Colchester are a match for anyone else,” he said.

“We have to exploit the weaknesses I saw against Stevenage and go there full of confidence.”


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