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Latics silent over link to sportswear company

Date published: 25 April 2014

ATHLETIC officials have reacted with caution to reports that the club could be set to sign a large commercial deal with Sports Direct.

The proposed five-year agreement, which would see the sportswear company take over the running of a relocated club shop in the new North Stand, is still in the discussion stages and nothing has yet been signed.

The deal could even see Boundary Park renamed — just as St James’ Park in Newcastle, the club owned by Sports Direct supremo Mike Ashley, had been up until last season.

And in a deal which could approach seven figures in value across its term, Sondico would take over the

manufacturing of the club shirts, which would in turn be sponsored by Sports Direct.

Athletic officials were unwilling to comment publicly this morning.


Ashlee oot!

Please don't do a deal with MIKE ASHLEY .

For the love of god the name Boundary Park must remain. Regardless of the financial lure.

Extremely short sighted views above. What's in a name? You will all still call it Boundary Park for goodness sake. Get the deal signed and the money in the bank. Who else is in the queue to provide this type of sponsorship? If it is this or fold then what would you prefer??

What about the ousted South African gazelle from Bolton?

If it brings money into the club, (allowing the club to retain the likes of Wes and Grounds) then what's the problem? They can call it what they like because people like me will still be saying to the wife " you'll have to go shopping by yourself, me I'm off to Boundary Park". By the way , big Joe Royle had already renamed the place Ice Station Zebra, no complaints then!

daz 13, ibby

Who cares???? its a name, if it bring money in call it old trafford. Once the sponsorship runs out in reverts anyway.


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