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B for bonkers!

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 09 May 2014

ATHLETIC have joined the chorus slamming the Football Association’s England Commission plan to create a new competition featuring Premier League B teams.

FA chairman Greg Dyke has unveiled a report that includes the idea of a new ‘League Three’ division starting in 2016-17, stationed between League Two and the Football Conference and featuring promotion and relegation.

It could theoretically see B sides from Manchester City and Manchester United taking on Athletic in competitive League One fixtures in as little as four years’ time.

The other three main proposals within the report are the introduction of special loan relationships between clubs, an overhauling of the work permit system and an increase in the required number of home–grown players in squads.

But the B team idea has created huge controversy — and Athletic are dead-set against it.

“I don’t see how we can possibly, in any way, support the idea of ‘B’ teams,” said chief executive Neil Joy. “In no way would it be of benefit to Oldham Athletic and we cannot get behind the proposal in its present form.”

Greg Dyke will talk to the Football League’s annual meeting next month in Vilamoura — and he will undoubtedly be met by fierce opposition. Both the Football League and Conference have issued statements outlining their opposition.

But Dyke says has has the backing of clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.


Vilamoura which English league do they play in?

Lets hope it only ever turns out to be an idea and nothing more ! The lunatics really are running the asylum on this one !

I prefer Accrington's proposal :)

The B team system works in places like Spain, as they don't have as many professional clubs as England, no country in the world does.

Our pyramid system has proven that a well-run and well structured non league club can make it in league football. Yeovil, Crawley, Stevenage, Fleetwood are all proof of this, would they have the same opportunity with another division barring their way?

another way for top clubs to get more money ,and stop us smaller teams loaning out there young talent,if we allow this then div 1,2 and conferance will oneday cease

Well thats it then,mr dykehas the backing of the 3 biggest clubs in the north west.Well what about the other 89 clubs in the league dont they have a say.Just like it was said when the premier league first started all its a case of is the rich clubs get richer and the poor clubs(used to be get poorer)now go bust.Great idea

I think "you don't know what your doing" rings true.

What does Greg Duke know about football traditions and fair play. So many questions raised on message boards show how out of touch he is.
What do M.Utd, Liverpool & M.City have to do with the Football League!. The Premier League won't share their increased wealth but want to run the rest of football the restrictions on F.L. Clubs not being allowed nonEU Players P.L. No restrictions including the B Teams.

It's shocking how inept, out of touch and greedy the FA is. A Commission including Danny Mills (exactly), Rio Ferdinand (yawn!), footballing guru Howard WIlkinson and someone famous for bringing us Roland Rat want to shape the future of football by effectively wrecking the league structure of British football.

Greg Dyke in his former incarnation as Chairman of League One team Brentford wouldn't have given this house room. How does playing Premiership wannabees in a league lower than League 1 improve them. Limiting the number of overseas players at Premiership clubs, say to half the playing staff would make a radical difference to the England team in the future but of course the Premiership clubs, like everyone, look after themselves first.

So the Premier league, not content with sucking all the money to the top, now want to start interfering in the lower leaguse too ? All clubs need to fight to stop this. Imagine Latics near the foot of the table, along with MUFC B team. They would have all the resources to pull away from the bottom, leaving Latics (or any other bona fide team) to go down. Leave the lower leagues alone !!


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