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Talks stall on íkeeper contract

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 16 May 2014

CONTRACT talks with Paul Rachubka have reached an impasse, prompting Athletic to explore an alternative number one for next season.

Rachubka played a major role in the club’s climb away from trouble in the league this season.

Athletic are keen for the player to remain at Boundary Park, but for that to happen the current deadlock will have to be broken.

Other goalkeepers are available if out-of-contract Rachubka doesn’t sign. Manager Lee Johnson could go for a Premier League loan: a couple of exciting young top-flight talents have been spotted, and that would leave extra room in the budget for an experienced forward.

Other free-agent goalkeepers are also available, including Chris Weale, who played alongside Johnson at Yeovil for five years then moved to Bristol City to work with Lee’s father Gary. Weale was Shrewsbury’s player of the season in 2012-13.

Another prime candidate is Jamie MacDonald, the Hearts goalkeeper released this week after 14 years at Tynecastle.

BARROW will host Athletic in the third pre-season fixture to be finalised so far.

The Conference North club take on Lee Johnson’s side on Saturday, July 26 (3pm kick-off).


Here we go again! I hope that this talk of a loan keeper is just a bargaining tool as we all saw what good a premiership loan keeper did for us last year, when we had a better keeper sat on the bench for most of the miserable season. Even though we couldn't score, having a decent goalie for the last 10 games of the season proved invaluable. It was no coincidence that the defenders improved. Chubs has proved his worth which is more than any highly paid striker has done for some time now.

The club tried to sign Rachubka in 2002 after his loan spell, but he thought he could do better. In the 12 years since, he's played just 114 times in the Championship, and twice in the Premier League. The rest of his appearances have been at our level or below. When he signed for us the 2nd time he was without a club.

Now he wants more money - I wonder whether it's Paul himself or his agent who's at the root of this delusion that he can play at a higher level?

Please not a Scottish keeper!!

PR an absolute key to our end of season "revival"...he /his agents know that of course.

As for a "Premier League loan"...er haven't we been down that dark avenue before?

Got to keep him, he played out of skin when he was recalled back into the team.

It is laughable, here is that short termed vision again, kicking us up the *&%^ again!, do the idiots at this club ever learn from previous mistakes?....it is one catastrophe after another! year after year with Corney and co at the helm!. and he sits and wonders why he has to invest hundred's of thousands of pounds into the club each year!. he might have saved half the money he has wasted by seeing further than the end of his nose!.

I am amazed he stayed as long as he did the way he was treated. Oxley was a disaster. We were only saved from relegation because he was recalled by Hull. LJ had to play Rachubka. Results when he came in speak for themselves. The worst thing is LJ does not seem to have learned anything from last season! Hasn't he heard of the saying once bitten twice shy? Obviously not. With the numbers not re-signing it looks like another bleak season ahead. No wonder cheap season ticket prices finished early

what IS going on at Boundary Park? Can someone be truthful with the long suffering fans? There is obviously something drastically wrong and we the playing public and Club Members deserve better. I doubt we will ever be told the truth as this does not seem to be the way the Latics do their business. No wonder cheap season tickets finished early before all this came to light. Doubt that sales would have been as good(?) if the fans knew what was coming. Relegation a distinct possibility again!

The negative news of players leaving has got to effect the sale of Season tickets. Come on Oldham, let's hear of some good players coming into the club.

So why does everyone act so surprised each season, when we can't hang on to players ? Remember the Torex days ? We still have a club, albeit a club with no money and three stands..... although wait a minute, we now have four stands, thanks to Simon Corney ! Stop calling him, he has saved this club and is now rebuliding it(literally) when most would have walked away. If players want more money than we can offer, so be it, but we cannot be held to ransom by players demands.

Any successful team builds from the back, the defence played very well post Oxley and Tarky so let's retain what we have and kickstart our season instead of the usual messing that goes on at Boundary Park. Paul Rachubka must stay.

Good grief....there is some rubbish on this message thread. Financial Fair Play dictates you are allowed to spend no more than 60% of your TURNOVER on wages which in Latics case is not a lot. There are hundreds of players available so the club cannot be held to ransom by 1 or 2. GF Bunn got it spot on by dissecting Rachubka's track record and ambition. the moment the club breaks the wage structure for one then others come knocking on the door.....leave Johnson alone to sort a team out.

Libbydog 'Please not a scottish keeper'? What are you talking about I remember Goram and Rhodes, both Scottish I think? Both outstanding!!

Close BragBlue.... Goram, born in Manchester but with Scottish parentage played for us before moving to Hibs for about £300k I think.... Andy Rhodes, a Yorkshireman we got from Donny - then in the lower leagues while we were in the 2nd Division, - played for us before moving to Dunfirmline for £165k I think, when it became clear Hallworth was our first choice, even though in played in the Littlewoods Cup Final. His son Jordan - born in Oldham - elected to play for Scotland.

Lookerstandandy, I knew Goram played for Scotland (30-40 times I think) didnt realise it was through parentage and I knew Rhodes played up there for dunfermaline and st johnstone so just thought he was Scottish. I think Goram was voted Rangers best ever goalie?? I remember Rhodes doing his magic tricks at wembley before the final


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