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Waiting game

Reporter: Simon Smedley
Date online: 21 May 2014

ATHLETIC are being linked to a host of potential summer targets - but manager Lee Johnson remains patient over player prospects.

Almost every day Athletic is being mentioned in connection with one player or another. This week it has been Port Vale midfielder Chris Lines (28) and 26-year-old ex-Crewe and Sheffield United striker Shaun Miller.

Johnson isn’t keen to discuss who he might be pursuing; at this time of year there’s a waiting game as agents seek out the best deals for their clients.

Johnson said: “It can be really difficult for a club like ours. There are so many players out there, and a lot of clubs in the market. It’s about competing with the other clubs.

“Sometimes we have to wait and maybe look at the players who are going to be the second, third or fourth in the draft pick.

‘Having said all that, we are becoming more evolution than revolution at Oldham. We’ve already got some excellent young players in the squad so we have to work out whether new players will fit into the jigsaw.”

Athletic have booked their fourth and fifth pre-season friendly fixtures. The team will travel to Curzon Ashton’s Tameside Stadium on July 10 and League Two Morecambe’s Globe Arena on July 22 (both 7.30pm kick-off).

Potential new faces are likely to feature in some, if not all, the pre-season games.


Lee if you listening get your signing done soon before we lose out out. Please sign Lee Miller up , Shaun Miller is a injured pro sadly.

The waiting game didn't exactly work out well last year, 40 players later.
Surely there's been enough time to identify new players, have we no scouts?
Other clubs are already adding to their squad while we wait for current players to leave.
Bury signed Ryan Lowe, are we really out of the market for a player who scored 20 goals in L2 last year in a struggling team? He'd have been the perfect foil to play with Phillis, JCH & Turner no?
I hope we unearth another Harkins or it may be a tough season.

There's no point naming names, especially those two, who's wage demands will be high. We obviously pay peanuts these days as we can't even keep our best players with a 'top up'. See what we've got in August.

Another striker who cant hit a barn door great, god knows what we will end up with if he is 1st choice and we are considering 4th choice players. I hear Carlo Corrazzin is coming out of retirement..

Once again I love the positivity that some so called fans are showing already,even though the season does not start until August.
I would rather have Oldham Athletic financially secure than ending up in liquidation.
Adam Lockwood was given the thumbs down when he joined the club,but turned out to be a great signing.
Overall L.J.has done a great job and I feel he has learned from his mistakes, which every one makes in their jobs,and that he will set his sights for top 6 finish next season.

Well here we go again!, the seasons may change the years go by...but it is always the usual clap trap. Do not forget later we leave it!... people will be jumping to join us!...we have targets!.....Ohh! hell! he has just signed for Nobody FC....What jump over a cliff before joining us?...Ohh I know there are plenty of good loanee's, ohh they do not want to come either...finally we got a decent player lets give him a 3 month contract and hope he stay's..."FARCICAL".

Blue22......he scores goals carlo, he scores goals,
he scores goals carlo, he scores goals,
he scores goals carlo, he sores goals,
ohhhhhhh carlo he scores goals!!

lets wait until all the best players have gone then make up some sorry excuses and bring in inferior players {most likely old friends}ive followed OAFC for 45 years and i fear it will be relegation next season

Wow....boys and girls, lets be sensible. If you want a new car where do you go shopping - rolls royce, ferrari, bmw, ford, skoda or kia? Well your budget dictates where you go shopping. If you were out of work and were offered a job at 300 per week in a small company, and a big company offered you a job doing the same thing at 500 per week, which job would you choose? Lets get of LJ's case and leave him to get on with his job. At the end of the day, if we are honest, he knows better than us


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