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Rachubka deal 95 per cent there

Date published: 23 May 2014

PAUL Rachubka is edging closer to extending his second spell with Athletic.

The 33-year-old Californian goalkeeper ended the season as the first-choice keeper at Boundary Park following Mark Oxley’s return to parent club Hull City, and has been offered the chance to sign for next season.

This time last week the chances of him signing looked to be fading, but after a meeting with manager Lee Johnson yesterday it seems the well-travelled player will be staying.

Johnson said: “I reckon we’re 95 per cent there. We had a good meeting with Chubs and he seems happy now. There’s a few little things to iron out, but I’m really hopeful. He’s been great for us so it would be good news if we got the deal.”

It is hoped an agreement could finally be reached over the weekend.

Rachubka joined Athletic from Leeds United last September and after Oxley’s departure in March, played in the final 10 unbeaten games of the season.

If Rachubka does extend his stay he will be sticking with a club currently boasting plenty of positive vibes, says Johnson. The long, unbeaten run lifted players, staff and fans alike, and Boundary Park is a happy place at present.

The Athletic boss — gearing up for his second full campaign in charge — said: “I’m picking up a lot of great feedback about our club at the moment.

“I’m really busy trying to bring in different players, and it’s nice to hear that most of them just want to play for us. It’s not just about the money. Everything is positive around the place.”


excellent news, well done LJ for getting it sorted out roll on next season.

Lee Johnson should make every effort to keep Rachubka because we don't want to be in the same situation as last season playing a very poor goalkeeper every week. If Oxley had been dropped after his first 2 or 3 games believe me we wouldn't have been in the trouble we were in at Christmas. He was very poor to say the least and I for one was glad when he went back to Hull.

Fantastic news. Paul has made the goalkeeping position his with his performances towards the end of last season. He should have been the number 1 keeper from the start in my opinion as he certainly commands his area and has certainly given confidence to our defenders. Hope he signs a contract for 2/3 years.

"Rachubka joined Athletic from Leeds United last September and after Oxley’s departure in March, played in the final 10 unbeaten games of the season".................call me old fashioned but this wasn't a co-incidence ? Very good news for the new season.

Fingers crossed he signs There is no doubt he is a very good goal keeper and to retain his services, will I am sure will encourage others to sign

chubs where was the last club you were first choice keeper the fans love you the football is good you have a chance to make a real difference next season oh and i nearly forgot ITS A JOB stop messing and put pen to paper

Good news! He proved to be worth more than any of our "strikers?" last season.


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