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Shrews move for Weso

Date online: 06 June 2014

JAMES Wesolowski could be on his way to Shrewsbury Town.

Athletic have accepted defeat in trying to persuade the runaway player of the year to re-sign and the Shrews — relegated to Sky Bet League Two — have emerged as strong contenders for his signature.

Though on the surface dropping a division might seem a surprising move for Wesolowski (26), Athletic believe the club’s offer was fair and Shrewsbury are simply offering more. Shrewsbury are also said to be looking at striker Charlie MacDonald, released by Athletic at the end of the season.

Manager Lee Johnson has targets to replace the hard-working midfielder.

“Weso is world-class at shutting down, which drove us on at times,” Johnson said. “At other times, he wasn’t quite as good on the ball as he could have been, though he did improve in that regard. We might look for someone who can offer a different dynamic.”

Johnson believes patience will prove a virtue for the signings he wants. He hopes to seal a deal for a new player on Monday but believes the real value in the market will materialise later, so is hanging on to a chunk of the club’s budget for now.

“There really is no need to panic at the moment,” said Johnson. “I’m keen to leave room to get that one difference-maker, a player of quality who suddenly comes out of the woodwork.”


Average at best , no loss, Many more of that calibre out there

if he joins them its because he gone for the money. just stay here if not go back to Aussie league.

I really don't believe this is Simon Corney paying below the going rate. I do believe this is Lee Johnson' vision for the future. Weso is industrious and gives you 100% every game. He is however one paced, lacks invention, technically average, scores few goals and is injury prone. LJ's vision is putting together a young and pacey side with more emphasis on the technical rather than workhorse aspects of the game. Maybe we don't become League One's Liverpool this year - but lets give it a go.

Up to you Wes, but i realy dont get it!

great step backwards for wes if he signs for more money for the shrews ,just his standared 2nd div ,no loss ,limited small workhorse ,injury prone ,not worth the extra money ,we can get someone better trust LJ

Oh come on. Please tel me this is a joke. Shrewsbury!!! As much as I'm wesolowski's smallest fan. Shrewsbury? Seriously? How? Why and when can the salopian giants that they clearly are, be more appealing than us? Whats next, Players preferring to go to Hyde? Or what about the Dog and duck?

After yesterday's capture this is total embarrassment to lose a player to Shrewsbury!, their budget cannot be any more than ours!. not that I rated him, but he did work hard and for that I will give his due!.

I can understand a player wanting to move up a division but down and to one that was relegated last season doesn't make sense to me...so it must be for the money..which says a lot for his loyalty to Oldham so James good luck and enjoy yourself in League Two I think you will live to regret it

The old saying of "Money talks" really seems to have tied this shock deal up. Very disappointing especially after all the "I want to stay" comments at the end of season awards. Wes has been a good player for us and I thank him for that but this has left a sour taste in the mouth. Not to worry though as im sure Lee will find a decent replacement.

it amazes me that shrewsbury can outbid us for weso,hes been a good servant for us,but he obviously has no confidence in his ability to drop to div2.this opens the door for lj to bring in a better midfield dynamo

yes he has gone! one word = JOKE.

How can a league 2 club out bid us, says it all really. We may as well go down, get to our level.

What are we offering players we say we want to keep when the likes of Shrewsbury can tempt them away from a club they say they want to play for. it beggars belief. Here we have yet another instance of a newly crowned player of the season leaving immediately afterwards. How many times has this happened in the past few years? Get your fingers out Athletic Instead of swanning off to Portugal for a league meeting spend the money on a decent team and give us long suffering fans something to cheer

Wow. What ambition

Wow... Weso has gone to Shrewsbury! Now that is a shock. There is more to this than meets the eye... Perhaps he was still smarting after LJ took the captaincy of him at the start of the season. And has waited for this opportunity to get his own back after proving himself throughout the season. Lj perhaps did not rate him as much as he said he did. Otherwise he may have tried harder to keep him. LJ will have someone in mind that he feels is better and cheaper. Keep tuned in..................

hold on.....i thought he had had such a good offer to go back to australia.....now johnson says he isnt that good anyway
cant we just be honest...we cannot offer him the money he can get elsewhere ie shrewsbury ....and cut this cheap pr rubbish out

now ive heard it all shrewsbury, what a joke if he goes there obviously hes no ambition.probably why he signed for us 3 years ago lol

Just goes to show money has played a big part in this move. Weso drops down the league shows he has no ambition, good to get rid, we need players who want to play for this club.

Come on Scholesy, get on down to BP :)

I liked Weslowski and if he has decided it is in his best interest for his family to take an increase in salary - fair enough.
I wonder how many of the people talking about 'loyalty' would do the same if another employer offered an increase in salary would say 'no' because I'm loyal. So good luck to the lad his tried his best every game I saw him (unlike a lot of players).
Shrewsbury a step down certainly football wise but so was his arrival at BP.


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