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Harkins on Latics radar

Date online: 09 June 2014

 GARY Harkins is trying to secure his release from St Mirren — and manager Lee Johnson says the Scot may be persuaded to shun better offers and return to Boundary Park.

Crowd-pleaser Harkins (29) impressed during his stay with Athletic in 2013-14, scoring five goals while on loan from the Buddies in the second half of the campaign as the club climbed away from relegation danger with a strong finish.

Whether his work-rate levels fit in with Johnson’s remodelled squad remains to be seen.

But even though rivals with fatter wallets are interested, Johnson is at least for now retaining an interest in the gifted, if inconsistent, Scot.

“He has still got a bit of sorting out to do with St Mirren and I think there are a couple of other clubs interested who could pay more,” said Johnson.

“Knowing him well though, he is more the sort of player who plays for a manager and also the fans rather than being all about money. I have to time everything right to make sure if we did get him in, it is right for both the team and for the club.”

Athletic are this afternoon expecting to wrap up the second new signing of the close season, with chief executive Neil Joy tying up loose ends after returning from the Football League’s annual meeting.

Further arrivals will would follow last week’s capture of former loan star Joseph Mills from Burnley.

James Wesolowski has opted to join Shrewsbury in Sky Bet League Two — a switch revealed in Friday’s Chronicle — after rejecting the offer of a new contract.

“It was a very tough decision to leave Oldham and I have really enjoyed my time there,” Wesolowski said. “When I went to see Micky Mellon (Shrewsbury’s manager) and he spoke of his plans for the future of the club it was exciting.”

Jonson Clarke-Harris has again been linked with a switch to Championship new-boys Rotherham in the national press, this time with a price tag of £500,000 attached.

Football League clubs have “no appetite” for Greg Dyke’s plan for a B team league following a presentation by the Football Association chairman.

Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey said clubs didn’t back the idea, but there is support in principle for artificial pitches being permitted in League One and Two.


And I quote> "Wesolowski said “When I went to see Micky Mellon (Shrewsbury’s manager) and he spoke of his plans for the future of the club it was exciting.”.....Im sure he said the same thing when he joined us ? As for JCH we need to keep him for at least this season to see what he has learnt maybe just maybe he can really go on a charge and bag a lot more goals .

it would be good news to get harkins back , but its essential to keep clarke harris for at least 1 more year, hed would only be warming the bench at most of these clubs anyway .

Harkins i would not mind him here, but when other team can offer you more it means its not looking good for us.

Red carpet for Lord Harkins.
Big Fat Raspberry to Rotherham.
If Jonno has to go for money reasons then direct him to a manager with an unsullied reputation like Kenny Jackett.
Speaking of reputations, what about these reports on a Blades fan website suggesting that Porter might be coming back here? No truth in that please.....

There's work rate a la Wesolowski and team work rate from a young and pacey side LJ is trying to create. However you still need to add flair to the mix, and that's where Harkins comes in (even if he warms the bench for an hour or so per match). He can change a game.

James Wesolowski...lacking any ambition whatsoever ?

Reading between the lines on this one, looks like LJ offered what he thought he was worth to the club, may have been less than or could have been an increased deal. we'll never know.

Micky Mellon, sacked by Fleetwood who have as you know been promoted 3 times since.

These are matters of which we'll never know or have any right to know, Wes served a purpose, but note he's yet another of the old Dickov squad gone and best forgotten by all.

If a offer for Clarke-Harris of 500k was made, Corney would have been on the next plane and drove him to Rotherham by now himself.....and before anyone says we are a selling club...give the old warn out spiel a rest! all it says to me is no ambition by the club,, to attract fans to the club! something the constantly moan about, and blaming the fans more than putting the blame on their own door step!.

Harkins was by far and away our best player. Would love to see him return. Conor Brown however, no,no,no,no,no. Not strong enough, not good enough. A liability.

Ah well usual contradictory statements from usual confused posters - I wonder why some even bother to admit they're fans.

Others quite clearly simply don't have a clue about running a football club or the factual costs in doing so.

Notice OS digging deep in his pocket again with his offers??of supporting a club with in his words "no ambition" as usual absolute nonsense OS, simple facts pal,it costs around £30k to £40k every week to run OAFC we don't have much alternative to remain solvent.

Harkins is a skilful and tricky player who comes into his best creativeness in second half when other players slow down.
He fancies himself as a central attacking midfield player so Weslowski leaving removes some of his competition. It's down to can we score enough with just 1 upfront with 5 man midfield.
JCH has grown under LJ mentoring a fee of £500k will interest the club no doubt. I really hope he stays because I can't honestly see Rotherham manager provide this kid the support he needs.

Pablatics:- On the chance of Chris Porter returning I would doubt that will happen! Even if LJ wanted him I doubt Simon Corney would allow it, he has consistently said his flit to Scotland which robbed us of any potential fee was the lowest point he has experienced.

NO CHANCE whatsoever.

Oldham Scotland: If there was a lack of ambition why are they building the new north stand? We have been stuck in a catch 22 for 20 years do we put expensive players on the field and forget about supporter 21st century comforts because a lot of stay away fans say 3 sided ground puts them off and without executive box income the club can't compete or move forward.
update: the 14 of 15 sections of framework are in place but zero chance of being ready or season kick off but it is uplifting!!!

Yawn!...Oldham Observer!...your mind changes quicker than Jordan changes husbands!!!!. And we all know the dilemma of the club, and having my own business I am well aware of costs, you say your a fan so try to be honest with yourself for once, how much has Mr Corney squandered? with bad decisions etc?, he is the making of most of his own problems and why would anyone invest in a club with no ambition!, but the new stand is a start!.

I very much doubt OS that SC has made these "bad decisions" you talk of on purpose..There is no easy way to run a football club and especially a club like ours with limited funds. If a club has no money and not many paying fans then 99.9% of the time survival easily outweighs ambition.


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