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Boundary Park name change in 1m deal

Date published: 03 July 2014

ATHLETIC have signed the biggest sponsorship deal in the club’s history, which sees Boundary Park change its name from today to ‘SportsDirect.com Park’.

The five-year agreement with sportswear retail giant Sports Direct — believed to be worth around £1million in all — was confirmed this morning in an announcement to the Stock Exchange.

As part of the huge deal a new 2,000 sq ft club shop will open in the new North Stand in the new year. Sports Direct will operate the shop and pay sales royalties to the club.
SportsDirect.com will also become the main shirt sponsor on all home, away and replica kit.

The upcoming friendly with Newcastle United — owned by Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley — is an integral part of the contract. The deal says Newcastle must send its strongest-available team to Boundary Park, already known by its new name , on Tuesday, July 15.

Negotiations between Athletic and the company go back to last September. The change of ground name after 118 years is sure to prove controversial among traditionalists. But as far as club officials are concerned, it’s a relatively small price to pay.

The hope now is that the lucrative contract can be a catalyst for other large commercial deals.

Sports Direct, founded in 1982, has grown into a business that last year made a profit of £152m and employed 24,000 people. The company already has similar club shops at Portsmouth and Glasgow Rangers.

“This is a landmark day for the football club,” said Athletic chairman Simon Corney. “We are delighted to enter into a partnership of this magnitude with Sports Direct.

“There is a lot going on at the club, with the construction of the new stand and the opportunities this affords us. We have a dynamic young manager and the fact we have attracted Sports Direct as our major commercial partner shows we are moving the club forward.

“This deal is a first for Oldham Athletic and shows that the long-term future and stability of the club is at the forefront of our minds.”

The new store in the North Stand is expected to be open by early next year, with alternative arrangements in place for purchasing club merchandise before then.


Glad to see money coming into the club, but I'll still be going to watch the Latics at Boundary Park! RIP Mick Booth, a life long Latics fan.

Apparently 90% of Sports Direct Staff are on Zero Hours contracts. (Source: The Guardian 28/07/13)

the only way

A Great bit of business, it will still get called boundary park by fans! I was more upset by the shambolic attempt at new marketing by redesigning our logo into an ice hockey logo! BRING CHADDY BACKON THE BALL AS OUR LOGO SHOULD BE!

Congrats to all who have made this deal possible. I might change my Chron moniker to Sportsdirect.comandy

Brilliant news brilliant buisness us fans will still call it boundary park traditionalists cant possibly object. No case to answer win win that enhances the running of the club doesnt affect players performances it will ensure the stand gets finished sooner as well
well done simon and all involved

Great deal for the club, Richards is on the transfer list at City, however, the way his career has nose dived it may be 20% of nowt! Joe Kinnear director of football? Seriously, good news for us, JTMS is right to highlight those stats but safe as a club for the immediate future.

Hopefully this will put some drive into finishing the new stand.
Surely even 'traditionalist' won't be bothered! We will know it as Boundary Park (even Chron article still refers to it in above friendly details).
As for old logo... it was changed in 70's... bring back our Town crescent.

Not for me, I'd rather do without the money.

Latics seem to be pushing the sportsdirect.coms with regard to getting more finance into the club, fair play to Simon.

A good day for Latics and their long term survival - this deal and the commercial opportunities from the new stand will give this club a much needed boost - Well done Simon Corney et al. Nevertheless I will still call it Boundary Park.

Yes JMTS and 62 Labour Labour MPs employ staff on Zero hour contracts also, or did you conveniently forget that one?

There must be around a million reasons why this is a good deal for Latics.

absolutely appalling. Hasnt corney been reading the press about ashley, his million pound bonuses and so on?And how he treats his workers with disdain? Might be an idea to check out newcastle fans' views too. we should have nowt to do with this firm or man. I have attended matches at boundary park for over 50 years and to boundary park I will continue to go.
As the head of the Royle family might put it SportsDirect.com Park’? My ****

I am 76 years old and live in London Ontario Canada and for at least 70 of those years it has been Boundary Park to me and I will cherish the memories of watching LATICS play there when I was a kid.Ray HADDINGTON Eric GEMMEL and Fred OGDEN were my heros.
Come on OWDUMERS show that Boundary Park is not dead yet and leave the name alone.

Congratulations to David Broadbent and Jenny Warburton, the Club Chairman and Directors all staff at ex-Boundary Park on achieving this fantastic deal.

The future is looking brighter by the day, or week or maybe month...who cares new season just around the corner.

Good luck Lee and all the Coaching and playing staff, all players, full time, part time, every level through to the Juniors, at last we are starting to see development and progress in the club we all love.

At the end of the day, it will still be called boundary park to the fans, if they are bank rolling us what does it matter what the rest of the country calls us?
the same people complaining about deals like this are also complaining about the lack of investment.
You cant have both and I would much prefer that the official name is changed and we continue to call it boundary park!

Quite happy for new stand to be named Sports Direct .Com , but not the whole stadium, it will always be Boundary Park. What happens in 5 years another name? Huddersfield Town stadium is now on its third name.

Good to see more money coming in ... yet we still had to sell our captain just days ago! Anything for money hey.

Bringing in investment is one thing, selling your soul to the devil is another. What next, Wonga for shirt sponsors? The JP Morgan Stand?
Lookerstandandy - *slaps forehead*. Be careful, look what happened to the Lookers Stand after you named yourself after it!

Just a point about the name. The football ground is/was called Boundary Park, but the area is also called Boundary Park, so you can quite legitimately say that you are going to watch football at Boundary Park (the area) without mentioning the actual name of the stadium. Another win/win scenario.


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