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By George, hes out to impress!

Date online: 01 August 2014

GEORGE Elokobi will add muscle to Athletic’s back line in tomorrow’s friendly with Huddersfield Town at SportsDirect.com Park.

The left-sided defender (28) has been training with the club this week and in the absence of injured Adam Lockwood, will play some part in the game as he bids to impress.

The Cameroon-born player, famous for his huge frame, had been on trial at Athletic’s Sky Bet League One rivals Leyton Orient following his release in the summer by promoted Wolves.

With plenty of Premier League know-how under his belt, Elokobi — who spent six years at Molineux, making more than 100 appearances — provides a weight of experience Athletic lost when withdrawing the contract offer made to Miguel Llera, who has since signed a one-year deal with Scunthorpe.

However, it remains to be seen whether Athletic will be able to meet Elokobi’s wage demands.

Meanwhile, the club have fallen foul of an injury which scuppered a loan deal for a highly-promising midfield player.

An agreement had been reached for a talented teenage winger, hailed as a potential star of the future, only for injury to strike while turning out for his club.

It means Athletic manager Lee Johnson is back on a fresh hunt for talent to add to his squad, which was today boosted as expected by the confirmed signing on a one-year deal of free agent Jonathan Forte — a player who set aside alternative options on the table to commit himself to a future at SportsDirect.com Park.

Tomorrow’s friendly against Huddersfield — preview on Page 34 — wraps up the pre-season campaign before the real action begins with the kick-off of Sky Bet League One at Colchester on Saturday, August 9. Johnson says he is happy with the variety of opposition his side have come up against and said that even an apparently below-par performance in part against Melbourne City in the last home game pleased him.

“Melbourne was good for us for different reasons,” he explained. “Tactically, I just left the players to it, in order that they could discover what was needed on their own.

“It may have come across as poor in the first half as they had most of the ball.

“But in the second half we worked it out and though they scored, we steamrollered them at times.”

Johnson also confirmed that Liam Kelly (24), who has skippered the team throughout pre-season, will be Athletic’s on-field captain for 2014-15.


George Elokobi would be a good signing. Sorry LEE can you stop signing kids on loan we need experience

My goodness he's even bigger than Willy Gros.... and I'll go as far as saying he makes Micah Richards look normal..

One thing for sure in this coming season, I can't see many players bullying us anymore, the midfield will look like a concrete bunker, hoping of course that these giants don't play like concrete gnomes...

Good luck Lee and everyone in the club.....welcome new players

Ibby what on earth are you on about this time ? name these kids you ask Lee to stop signing....at 18 years old e.g Shaw at that Red place down the road at £27 million quid, I guess you'll say Louis Van Gall is wrong as well eh ?
Players are ready at that age, but due to development of their bodies, they need to be looked after very carefully, I'm sure Lee knows that of course.
But who else has Lee taken on who can be considered a KID ? go on Ibby name one ! usual nonsense from a false supporter

By eck....... as we say here in Yorkshire...the lads built like a brick.. opps can't say the other word...but you get my meaning.....If I was a striker heading for goal and I saw this .Gridiron charging towards me I'd get shut of the ball asap. I couldn't agree more with Latics Observer..'Cross this line if you dare'

Wow........Ibby like LO, i cannot think of one. But when you talk about Kids, remember Earl Barrett or Paul Warhurst Kids when signed, the rest is history. Lee Johnson knows what he is doing, he has his own vision, his own plan, he is a young manager, he is still learning, he will make mistakes. But l believe he is a breath of fresh air for our club, with a big future in management, lets support him and go with him whilst we have him. Never been as excited about a new season in years!

Ibby once again you talk nonsense... Just to put you in the picture the signings LJ has made so far are >>
B.Wilson 31,L.Kelly 24,J.Forte 28,M.Smith 25,W.Gros 22,T.Dieng 22,M.Jones 27... and J.Mills 25. So please enlighten us to who exactly do you consider a kid ? I get the feeling you never attend any games and just try and talk a good talk unfortunately you fail miserably just as you do on FB.

Ps. I state the actual signings LJ has made im just wondering who has he signed on loan ? to my knowledge he hasn't signed anyone yet ?


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