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Gros on his way as deal runs out

Date published: 22 August 2014

William Gros has departed Athletic at the end of a month’s contract in which he failed to make a solid impression in the first team.

“He showed a really good attitude and got fit,” said manager Lee Johnson. “We just felt for him and for us at the moment it wasn’t quite right. At this stage of his career, he needs to be starting games.”

Johnson has madea contact with clubs about other incomers.

“We have our name down for a couple of Premier League youngsters we think will make us better,” he said. “But so have another 10 clubs. It is never easy. There are a lot of positives but I am sitting here as frustrated as anyone else.

“It deflates people, doesn’t it? It is up to me and the lads to get everyone up again.”


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