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We have to work with what we’ve got — Johnson

Date online: 26 August 2014

ATHLETIC fans are entitled to vent their frustrations - but spending big money to fix problems isn’t currently an option, says manager Lee Johnson.

The 1-0 defeat by Preston was the second in four league games - though two came at the feet of sides which finished in the top six last season.

Though some of the 869 visiting fans at Deepdale expressed anger at the team’s inability to turn possession into goals, Johnson believes supporters can pick out positive elements from the season’s disappointing opening.

“They are an educated bunch,” Johnson said of the fans. “I think when they go home and think about it, they will see at least we are showing what we are about against good teams.

“Of course, they will be disappointed; many will say we should have got a striker and a 6ft 6in

centre-half. It isn’t as easy as that. That is where the real money is and at the moment, we have to work with what we’ve got.”

Athletic are instead investigating their options when it comes to squad strengthening, be it loan signings or players available on free transfers.

TICKETS are available for Athletic’s game at Doncaster on Saturday, £23 for adults, £17 for over-65s, £13 for 17-20 year-olds, £8 for juniors (12-16) and £5 for under-11s. Buy tickets in advance’ turnstiles sales won’t be available at the game.


At this moment of time we are suffering badly. We need bit of cash spend but sadly the players we sold the money has gone elsewhere their are large bills to pay and etc.

can the Dreamer please explane to the fans how we are sourposed to score when the middfield passes the ball across & back more times than it goes forward ,the duffers in middfield create nothing ,the nobodys up front have no chance ,its awful to watch and u are slowly loseing the fans already crowds at home are down watching the same ruddish at home we had last season ,
we have no formation other than sideways and back , u bought these duffers in play forward or u will be on your bike

JCH needs getting rid off, the laziest most disinterested player I've seen in a Latics shirt for a good while.

It's said we can compete with the best in L1, yet the excuse argues a poor start because we played two teams in the top six last year.
It's not easy to buy a striker & a 6ft CB.
Elokobi has come in, EPL experience & we've got CB's well over 6ft.
Peterborough get a lad from Bishops Stortford & he's scored 4 in 4, while we wait for JCH to hit form.
IMO-Scouting & training needs improving, 5 from 7 goals conceded down to set plays.
"we have to work with what we've got?" Good confidence builder!

Struggle to average a goal a game in attack and an inability to keep a clean sheet. A team that is too small in stature to cope with a very physical league. Nothing new in any of this and fans are seeing little or no attention to these problems. All that is happening is that more and more fans are losing interest and home support is clearly going down year on year. If we can't attract 3000 home fans against Port Vale goodness knows what gate we'll get on a wet and cold Tuesday in February.

I am one of the disgruntled fans that spent my hard earned money going to Preston and yes Lee I am entitled to my opinion. I don't want to sit there being bored to death by "crab" football watching us pass it along a back four and second back four (that would be our midfield)during long bouts of keep football. We were a goal down from early on and showed little in the way of attacking ideas or football. I would rather lose 3-2 going for it than watch us tamely submit 1-0 keeping possession

I am not asking you to go out and break the bank or sign some over the hill forward for the sake of it. We still don't look like we have a leader on the pitch and our midfield do not get forward enough or provide enough telling balls for the forwards to get involved. Not good enough. Unless you improve the way we play we will face a long season battling at the foot of the table. I will be at Doncaster to cheer the team on, please give me and the rest of the fans something to at least get behind

I offer the following, not as criticism but as a viewpoint.
No one expects a 6 foot 6 inch CH or a 25 goals a season striker Lee, most fans would just like to see some sensible team selection with obvious strikers (JF)playing there, others who are not ready yet or failing now, should either be left out and others given their chance (as the case of CW) the scapegoat! and clearly some of your mates outed now.

Lee Johnson you seem too busy worrying about slogans on our football shirts than you do the team. (Instead of one team one dream) why not change it again and put on the shirts ( the easy beats) at least we will sound like a group.

Well as long as we don't want a team that scores goals then the 'we've got to work with what we've got' statement by LJ is fine! Hope that Latics weren't counting on increasing their home gates because only a few of us fools who have already bought season tickets will be there! Must say, I can't wait for my next 460 mile round trip!

We've at least 23 players and in all around 40 other staff at BP..FT & PT
If the players are on average of £1k p.w. we're already losing masses of money and on gates of under 4k we're in trouble.

Whatever LJ's budget is, quite clearly so far it has not been very wisely allocated to a team so far devoid of strikers as such, similar sadly to last year when we lost 2 and dismissed another.

This year we've got JCH,JF,JB,TP.and injured players, none of the strikers have any goals to their credit..!

Booing our own players during the game was unacceptable, use the Chron or online after. The season has set off the same as last. More worryingly, the same non-threat up front and a general physical weakness all over the pitch (which he sorted after the Rotherham game for 10 unbeaten) is back to haunt us. We're too soft in all departments and we don't put enough crosses in danger areas. Having a better possession percentage doesn't win games. We are not Barcelona.

With the Mike Ashley connection through Sports Direct, I had expected to see season long loan players coming from Newcastle United. Otherwise, it seems we renamed our ground for not very much.

OL9 - Fans used to say the same about Craig Davis and I would have him back any day. JCH has potential to be great he just needs that kick up the backside from the manager and start running around, coming in deep and getting the ball so the midfield can break along side of him


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