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Latics chiefs back manager over signings

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 27 August 2014

ATHLETIC director Barry Owen has assured fans the club’s hierarchy will back the manager over new signings.

Lee Johnson explained yesterday the difficulties faced in signing high-calibre players, given the club’s budget. Johnson currently has the club in the frame for a couple of loan players, but no deals are imminent.

“The manager is always aware he will be supported when it comes to players, if the chairman considers it is prudent,” said Trust Oldham chairman Owen.

As Johnson plots to claim a first win of the season, Owen restated his belief the team will soon find its feet and pick up points.

“It has been a hard start to the season,” he said. “We have played some good football and we have been unlucky on occasion.

“What we have here without question is a very dedicated management team which is working extremely hard to get it right, and I am sure they will get it right.”

Owen has revealed that Athletic’s improved disciplinary record so far this season follows a warning to players.

The club picked up two £2,500 fines last season for mass confrontations between players in games against Notts County and Gillingham.

“The players have been asked to act sensibly with that in mind,” said Owen, “but that doesn’t mean we are a soft touch.”

Athletic has picked up only one yellow card in the four games so far.

DONCASTER Rovers - Athletic’s opponents away on Saturday - enjoyed a memorable night in the second round of the Capital One Cup last night by beating Championship club Watford 2-1.


the signings of a sideways and back midfield so far has been totaly boring to watch creates nothing ,sign a decent middfielder to pass it forward and give the duffers up front a chance ,we dont expect u to pay big money we havent got ,the signings of his mates have been poor ,as have the tatics & formation , dont bring anymore journeymen to the club we have enough / the last 10 games last season were create nowt ,backs to the wall & hope for the best /we live in hope as usual , Dream on

Nothing against Barry Owen but when we are struggling he come out and back the manager. I am sorry but the manager has wasted money on players who are not good enough sadly. The club are losing their own fans with the football we playing. How can we be playing well we lost 4 games and the fans are worried.

Lee Johnson gives 100% in his efforts to boost the team, the players work equally hard to gain success BUT we need a cutting edge something which has been so obvious pre & close season. Barry Owen can say what he wants however the facts are that if Mr. Corney continues to be prudent the Latics will continue to dwell in the bottom four. Willie Gros never came up to the mark and our younger and totally inexperienced front men don't even get to the bench. Promise is fading rapidly so are the hopes!

support from barry that is worth a lot

Were as all the pre season confidence and talk about top 6 finish by the manager gone. He was quoted in saying this years squad is smaller than last season, but he said it was better and stronger. I don't see it. In fact I would say it's the same. Lee Johnson is not special so remember that.

This is the same man who said Latics fans use the cost as an excuse for not attending matches. He knows absolutely nothing about football and he also wears the same rose tinted glasses that Johnson has. This guy needs to see it from a fans perspective as the last 5 seasons performances at home have been awful.

Ibby once again you talk utter nonsense...We have played 4 league games lost 2 and drawn 2 even if you add the league cup exit to M'boro that would mean only 3 defeats. One thing I will agree with is yes we are worried and things need to change and change fast.


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