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Fans can see we are on right track Lee

Date online: 01 September 2014

ATHLETIC boss Lee Johnson believes most Athletic fans support him following a much-needed first victory of the season.

Now on five points from as many games played and having clambered out of the early relegation zone, Johnson believes groundwork has been prepared for better results.

But after seeing off Doncaster, the manager said fans might need to be patient while the side full of new players continues to become a team.

“I think it’s a bit harsh, the stick,” said Johnson. “I understand the frustration, but sometimes people have to look at the bigger picture.

“We are having to build again. I think the majority trust that I will spend the time on the training ground and will give everything for the club.”

Johnson made tactical alterations in the line-up for Saturday’s game, which was otherwise the same as against Preston the week before.

“There were minor tweaks — and certain major ones,” he said, without going into detail.

“We have got a good coaching team here and work our socks off reviewing absolutely everything. It’s paid off. I am pleased for the players and for the staff, as it has been a tough couple of weeks.”

One man worthy of special praise following the 2-0 win was George Elokobi.

Temporarily forced off the pitch by a clash of heads with Doncaster’s Rob Jones, he returned with a head bandage over a stitched wound and continued to perform strongly.

He could be rested tomorrow for the first round Johnstone’s Paint Trophy clash with Bradford.


Good win and hopefully kicks starts our season.

credit were credits due, we were better than v preston. I still think our midfield is found wanting though. Big George deserves a rest, he has been our outstanding player so far. We should have finished Donny off and perhaps would have done if we had utilised pace from the bench much sooner. Lee, you are allowed to make subs before the end of a game. Two home league games now and a minimum of 4 points is a must. Lay off JCH he can only be as good as the service he gets and hi isn't getting any

Absolutely no doubt we have a squad of quality players who will eventually blend together, if they're are given the time to do so.

The formation is no secret..... simple football going forward, not sideways and with the emphasis on "attack being the best form of defence"...and look what happened, but against a team who played like we did when P.D. was Manager at B.P. Captain Clueless...hmmm

Keep it up...good luck

Correct Latics Observer, Latics have progressed under LJ, I hope we can hold onto some of these players for a season as well as the manager.

Looking here it seems I was wrong about Elokobi, don't listen to Wolves fans is the moral to that tale.

Pity, seems like Micah Richards will be going on a Bosman, that cash would have helped no end.

Bob, looks like City have done a deal to loan Richards for season for £3.5m with additional £1.2 if he signs for Fiorentina at end of loan. The issue is will City pass back 20% back to Latics or find a way to deny the claim?
Pity JCH has gone to Rotherham I think it will be a bad move as he won't get the support off field he has enjoyed under LJ. My views about their manager are best not posted :-)

Bob, I honestly do not know which games you go to but come back to the real world, Doncaster was poor at best and resembled a Dickov side, I loved PD as a player, but as a manager that is something else!. As for Latics improving?....where? no real bite upfront due to lack of any real service from out wide or midfield!, the same frailties in defence, better quality players ? at this time questionable as you go of results in this game!.

Is it any surprise that players who progress & yes under the guidance of this Manager,plus others in the last 6 years.
Suddenly leave as they improve, basically after & in virtually all cases, being made scapegoats by some of our fickle and clearly brainless fans ?

Every single player who has left during the last 4-5 years has been subjected to abuse on the pitch & severe criticism on pages like these.

Sadly in every case those players have gone on to make good, when will some fans ever learn.

You learn though, Latics Observer, albeit rather late. You, amongst others, spent two and half years telling me Paul Dickov was the brightest young manager in the game.


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