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New boy Poleon could be special - Johnson

Date online: 03 September 2014

DOMINIC Poleon took a pay cut to make his move to Athletic, it has been revealed — and the club believe they have a serious bargain on their hands.

The 20-year-old forward, who was introduced to the crowd at half time in last night’s Johnstone’s Paint Trophy win over Bradford, is set to make his debut against Fleetwood at SportsDirect.com Park on Saturday.

Johnson says Poleon has the potential to rise to the level of £5million Nottingham Forest striker Britt Assombalonga in as little as 12 months.

“I’m really pleased with the business we have done with Dominic Poleon and credit to the chairman for that,” said Johnson, speaking after the 1-0 win gained thanks to Jordan Bove's late goal.

“We would probably still have gone for him had Jonson Clarke-Harris stayed here. Credit to the player; he could have sat at Leeds on more money. And fair play to Leeds for not standing in his way.

“We believe this boy could be special. He is young and has had hardly any games. He’ll take a lot of time to get going, but this time next year we could have the equivalent of a Britt Assombalonga.”

Poleon has signed a two-year deal and could start either on the wing or up front in the league clash against Fleetwood.

Johnson says he is still searching for a target man up front, and admitted Sheffield United’s

former Athletic man Chris Porter could be a possibility to return, if available.

One other option is free agent Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, the former Manchester United and Wolves man who hasn’t played since leaving Ipswich at the end of last season.

“He is free and available and asked if he wanted to come in for a bit of training. He is thinking about it,” Johnson revealed. “We will see, but I wouldn't hang hopes on it.”

As for the imminent first-team prospects of last night’s goal hero Bove, Johnson was staying cautious.

“We have got Rhys Turner and Jordan and we will have to dip them in and out.

“They were both poor in the reserves the other day. We were a bit light here and that it what they have to do, take their chances.”


Here come the moaners, oh we don't want Porter back booo hisssss, who care if he scores goals GET HIM IN!

I thank Simon Corney for getting it done and i am pretty shocked that Leeds let him go. Chris Porter i would have him back but will the fans forgive him it them things how he left us in the first place. I am not holding my hopes on Sylvan Ebanks-Blake also.

You know I have to laugh at these articles and the statements within them!, the same cliche's, remarks future hopes and massive fee's....etc. and to date when has this ever happened ?. We was told the same about Clarke-Harris! did we get a massive fee ? where other clubs would have double what we got!, we became bargain basement again for the quick few bucks!. Stott when he ran the club we got a decent fee, 15 yrs on and we are getting less now than we did then! for players.

Don't have Porter at any price. We've got fed up with the club degrading itself by letting its best players to others in the same league or even below.
(The Johnno CH move was right because he moved to a higher level.)
The Porter Motherwell episode stunk because of the deception involved.
Here's hoping the club doesn't degrade itself again by taking back someone who blatantly did the dirty on them.
Surely Simon hasn't forgotten.
Porter out - and stay out...

good signing a definate future in football and one day will become a undisclosed for us .as for chris porter isnt he the one who went to scotland after promising he wouldnt.losing us any undisclosed under the bosmin

no way will he ever reach 5 million playing for us ,as soon has some offers money over what we paid corney will sell

Hahahahahaha rise to the level of £5 million Nottingham Forest striker Britt Assombalonga then we'll sell him for 150k

Two good successes, a new player brought in(with potential)but what gets me is that once again OAFC sell a player who definitely had potential, still inexperienced BUT had that something! What we never get to know is what fee was involved and once more a main striker goes at the start of a season(shades of Jose Baxter). LJ states he wants to replace C-H a.s.a.p. and casually mentions Chris Porter. He would certainly get a 'hot reception' from the fans(in more ways than one). What's going on...??

JCH was rubbish even appearing with a leaner look this season. He has been playing league football for at least 3 seasons. No heart or bottle, I can't shoot as far as he traps the ball! I think we did well getting anything for him. Good luck to Rotherham chief scout....Blind Pugh!

Why are selling so many players for an'undisclosed' fee?
What's the secret, or am I missing something? As a fan I would like to know what we are getting for our players.

Why all the cloak and dagger stuff? Tell us just how cheaply you sold the family silver. Ebanks Blake would be good but we can't afford his wages. Porter did the dirty on us and should not be allowed back at any cost. Poleon looks like a good signing but hardly has a decent goals per game ratio at present. At Oldham he will only be as good as the service he gets and I'm afraid we have no creativity in midfield that he will get decent service from. Hope I am proved wrong.

Why does Lee Johnson keep harping on about Britt Assombalonga he said same about JCH..

Chris Porter signing extremely unlikely as Simon Corney has maintained his 'international' free transfer was the lowest point of his tenure at Latics. Dream on...


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