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Benson fancies Swinton

Reporter: Tony Benson
Date online: 09 March 2011

OLDHAM coach Tony Benson gives his verdict on Swinton’s chances this term.
The new season gets started on Sunday, with Benson’s men hosting Gateshead at the Whitebank Stadium.

Keighley — They have retained the same team for a number of years now and have also recruited well. With Jason Demetriou as player-coach I would expect them to be up there at the end of the season.

Swinton — The big spenders, they have brought together an expensive squad and with Steve McCormack as coach now that could make all the difference. I would say they are probably the favourites.

Workington — Seem to have their finances on a level now and they have snapped up the best available players in the Cumbrian region. A big squad should help them through the Easter fixtures and they are more than dark horses.

Rochdale — A side that keeps on raising themselves and playing well, never more so than when they play us! They have recruited pretty well and showed what they can do by beating Workington in the Challenge Cup.

Doncaster — They started picking up players early, and though I see them finishing around mid-table, they could be a dangerous side to play against.

Whitehaven — Showed us what they can do by beating us at the Whitebank in the Northern Rail Cup and since then they have added Lee Doran to the squad. They have retained most of their old squad and will also bring through some of the players who won the reserves title last year.

Play-off contenders.
South Wales Scorpions — Losing their coach Anthony Seibold was a big blow. I wouldn't read too much into their 62-6 loss at home to Dewsbury in the Challenge Cup and they will improve as the year goes on, probably to claim one of the last play-off spots.

London Skolars — They have certainly improved on last year. Neil Thorman is a good acquisition in the halves and he will make a big difference. Any team turning up down there thinking they have already won will come unstuck.

Gateshead — A team who will end up near the bottom of the table, they are geoegraphically and financially challenged and have to pay above the odds to attract new players.


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