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Roughyeds in the pinkó and black

Date published: 18 March 2011

STAND by for a colour change if you’re an Oldham RL fan planning to watch Roughyeds at Workington on Sunday.

Tony Benson’s men will unveil their new away kit for the first time at Derwent Park when they run out . . . in pink and black

Sunday’s tough test in Cumbria will be the side’s first away game of the new Co-operative Championship One campaign and, with two exceptions, the new kit will be used every time Roughyeds are on the road.

“The RFL has ruled that we can’t wear pink and black at either South Wales or Gateshead because of potential colour clashes,” said Roughyeds chief Chris Hamilton.

Depending on the draw, it might also add some razzle-dazzle to the club’s fourth-round Carnegie Challenge Cup tie if Roughyeds have to travel.

The fourth-round draw will take place on Sunday and will be broadcast live on BBC Radio Five Live at 1.30pm. Super League sides come in at this stage.


Why do teams have to wear a different shirt just because they are playing away ? However, if they have to because of sponsorship, then why can't the Oldham's shirts have been red and black so that supporters travelling with scarves, hats, or even wearing 'home' shirts will still be identifiable with the team they follow ?

The various shirts thesedays are generally too plain with no character and sometimes you can't tell one team from another.

Red and white hoops with blue shorts forever !


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