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Selection poser for Naylor

Date published: 17 April 2014

LIAM Thompson apart, Scott Naylor hopes to field his strongest Oldham side for weeks in what promises to be a cracking game at Hunslet Hawks.

Thompson, Adam Files and David Cookson have been out injured for more than a month, but Naylor is hopeful that hooker Files and centre Cookson will be given the green light by the club's medics tonight.

If so the Oldham boss will be picking from 22 of his 23 senior-squad players for the first time since the opening day of the season.

Said Naylor: “I’m going to have serious options and that’s good — it’s what I need. It’s not what the players like because inevitably it means some of them are going to be disappointed. But there's nothing I can do about that.

“I've plenty to think about in going for the side I think will be best suited to taking on Hunslet.

“Do I go for my best defensive side, my strongest attacking team or a mix of both? Those are issues I have to address.”


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