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York win is the icing on Oldham’s cake

Date published: 18 August 2014

EVERYTHING went Oldham's way on super Sunday.

Roughyeds hammered Hemel Stags 38-10 in a top-drawer performance at Whitebank, and leaders York pipped Hunslet 20-18 at the South Leeds Stadium.

That means Scott Naylor's men are back in second place - with the chance to finish there in their own hands. Hunslet can't catch Oldham as long as Roughyeds win their last two games at Gateshead and against Gloucester.

"York's win at Hunslet was a massive result for us," said Oldham chairman Chris Hamilton. "If we win both our remaining games we'll be at home to Hunslet in our first play-off game, rather than going to their place."

Describing the defeat of Hemel as Oldham's best performance of the season, Hamilton said Roughyeds' defence was awesome.

"The win was as comprehensive as the score suggests," he said.

"Hemel are big, strong and physical, but we got numbers in the tackle, put in big hits and we were truly dominant."


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