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Naylor vows to make changes

Date published: 03 September 2014

SCOTT Naylor has promised changes in his Oldham team following the heavy loss at Gateshead.

Some may be forced, but some will be deliberate changes “irrespective of injury” says the Roughyeds boss.

Speaking after training on Tuesday, Naylor said: “We had a good session, and didn’t dwell on Gateshead.

“We need to put that behind us and move on. It’s time to stop talking and start doing, and that will happen, I’m sure.”

The next game will be the last of the regular season and one Naylor’s men will be keen to win decisively.

George Tyson, Mo Agoro, Lewis Palfrey, Sam Gee and Danny Langtree were unable to train. Phil Joy took it easy after a mild concussion and captain Palfrey is the biggest doubt.

“Other boys also thave bumps, but nothing to worry about,” added Naylor.


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