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School is praised for leading by inspectors

Reporter: Karen Doherty
Date online: 02 December 2016

OLDHAM Academy North is praised in the annual report by the chief inspector of schools which paints a mixed picture for the borough's children.

The Royton secondary is singled out as an example of a school where middle leaders - roles such as subject leaders and heads of departments or years - have played a key role in raising standards.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said strong middle leadership was a common feature of improving schools in his report.

But he also warned that schools are continuing to battle a teacher recruitment crisis, with an "auction" for talented staff in the worst-affected areas.

And he said the North-South educational divide in secondary schools remains, with those in the North and Midlands lagging behind.

In the North-West, 75 per cent of pupils attend a good or outstanding high school compared to 81 per cent nationally.

The region is also the second poorest for its Progress 8 average, the government's new performance measure which looks at how much progress pupils make in eight subjects, with a greater emphasis given to maths and English.

Oldham is one of six local authority areas in the North-West which have the worst Progress 8 results nationally.

But Radclyffe School and Corpus Christie RC Primary, both Chadderton, and Oldham Council's adult learning are providers which have been inspected in the last year and judged to be outstanding.

Commenting on the North-West's education performance, Ofsted regional director Andrew Cook said: "Young children under five years old are doing well and those at primary school are doing even better. Ninety per cent of early years providers are now judged good or better and 93 per cent of children are going to a good or outstanding primary school.

"This is a remarkable achievement and down to the hard work of teachers, leaders and staff."

But he said the headline figures masked variability within the region and for different groups of children, and added: "In secondary education, the gap between the North and South remains."

Russell Hobby, general secretary of school leaders' union NAHT, said: "We agree with Ofsted's Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw when he says that the first priority of the Department for Education is to make sure we have enough teachers. Just as school leaders up and down the country are held accountable for standards of teaching in their schools, the government should be accountable for getting the basics right, including recruitment."


how can oldham academy north be praised for progress when it had a 9% decrease in GCSE results last year including english and maths, less than half the kids leave this school with no GCSEs in english and maths. The reason why progress 8 measure is really high in this school is because it enters kids for easy qualifications such as ECDL which is equivalent to one GCSE and can be completed in less than 6 weeks or enters immigrant children for GCSEs in their home language which is easy to pass

At the last council meeting several members of the council of failure stood up to denounce government plans over Grammar schools , claiming that they didn't want to 'condemn children to a 2nd class education age 11". They failed to mention that under their regime children are all (save those who can afford to got private) condemned to a fourth class education, unless they are very lucky.
A reasonable council would look for improvement anywhere they could get it, but this is Oldham !

If middle leaders have played a big role in raising standards why did Oldham academy Noth Have a decline in their summer 2016 results.
What exactly are the leadership doing?
Do they have low expectations and more excuses?

Royton Owl - What was the Progress 8 score for last years Year 11 cohort at OAN and how many took ECDL?

Also i'm interested to know how many "immigrant children" sat GCSEs in languages and what they were?

Dear Zaks Mummy and Royton Owl. As always, whilst we appreciate your feedback, it does lack a significant amount of accuracy. We are in the top ten percent of schools nationally for Student Progress based on similar starting points. English Progress and Maths Progress continue to be above average as do many other subjects which you choose not to mention. We welcome you into the academy to discuss your comments further. We have asked many times before for you to come in and see what we do.

If oldham academy north is in the top ten schools nationally for progress then why did it have a 9% decrease in gcse results including English and maths.the schools measure of progress is in accordance with a subscription service which all schools don't subscribe to there is a lack of significant amount of accuracy.

Royton Owl- Progress 8 measures the amount of progress made by students from their individual starting points from Year 7. Students who are behind the line from Year 7 can still make excellent progress but will unfortunately not get what is deemed to be a 'good pass', however they have still made sufficient or even excellent progress. Progress 8 is a nationwide measure- it is not so much lack of accuracy but lack of understanding on the gen. public's part due to govt. changing spec/expectations.

My kids I repeat MY KIDS attend here and are doing well they love school. It is confusing for people not in education but my understanding is they are all at 0 then anything above this is better than the national average. TOAN are doing an amazing job - Keep up the good work and don't let other comments bring you down. YOU ARE FANTASTIC. Each child learns differently and will do well at The Oldham Academy North.


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