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Sam on song for festival performances

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 14 December 2016

A TALENTED 10-year-old musician from Uppermill has hit the high notes after scooping four top trophies.

Manchester Grammar School pupil Sam Fitzsimons performed exceptionally at two prestigious music festivals to win the four cups.

He impressed at the Hadyn Wood Music Festival in Huddersfield on November 18 , which is open to musicians up to the age of 21.

He won the Frank Armitage Memorial Cup for solo brass, ages 11 and under, in which he played the cornet.

He also won the Edith Chescoe Memorial Trophy for boys unbroken solo voice - a trophy Sam also won in 2014.

Sam's cup-winning performances come just a month after he also won two cups at the Holmfirth Music Festival.

The talented youngster won the Boys Junior Vocal Trophy for unbroken voice and the Committee Cup for 'Songs from Shows' for boys aged 14 and under, which again Sam won in 2014.

He also came second in the piano class for boys aged 11 and under.

Sam has been playing the piano since he was about six years old, the cornet since he was seven and the cello for the past year.

And he is not the only talented musician in his family, as his other brother James (12), who is also a pupil at Manchester Grammar School, has also won numerous cups and prizes at music competitions, and plays the organ, piano, guitar, French horn and also sings.

When he is not playing music or singing, Sam is also a talented badminton player and has just joined the Cheshire Under-12s county squad this year.

Sam said: "I'm really pleased to have won four cups. I love playing music and singing.

"I hope to carry on getting better and playing at higher grades as I get older, as well as playing badminton which I also love."


Congratulations on your success at the Haydn Wood and the Holmfirth Music Festivals. Hope to see you perform at The Mrs Sunderland Music Festival, founded 1889 and still going strong.


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