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'You can make art a career'

Reporter: Karen Doherty
Date online: 30 December 2016

FINE art students at Oldham Sixth Form College took part in a portrait painting session with Stephanie Trow.

The Manchester-based portrait artist is originally from South Yorkshire and graduated with a BA in visual arts from Salford University. She has completed many private commissions and taken part in number exhibitions.

It was Stefanie's first time working in a college with young aspiring artists and she said: "When I was at art school I never had interactions with working artists. I wanted to come in and show the students being an artist is a viable career."

Course leader Diane Payne added: "It was interesting getting the students to work in a looser style, which is removed from what they usually so

Stephanie is pictured with student Lilly Maloney-De Leeuw Van Weenen.


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