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Coombe focus on seeing the world

Reporter: John Gilder
Date online: 30 December 2016

SPRINGHEAD first-team coach Gaz Coombe has his sights firmly set on coaching in countries where football isn't the number one sport, but in the meantime he is doing his best to help secure the club an FBT Manchester League Premier Division title glory.

Thirty-four-year-old Coombe, a level two coach and hoping to attain a West Riding County FA 'B licence, is into his third season as coach at Springhead.

Coombe said: "It is my aim to eventually get an 'A' coaching licence by the time I am 40 and work in countries like India and Japan where football isn't the main sport.


"I've been studying for a coaching science degree on the Open University and just want to keep bettering myself in this field."

For the time being, though, Coombe, an Oldhamer but currently living in Rochdale and a painter and decorator by trade, has his aims set on helping Springhead win the league title. A four-match winless sequence in the run up to Chrismas, which included a West Riding County Cup defeat at Leeds City, does not faze Coombe.

He said: "Lee (McAllister, Springhead manager), knew what I was about and how I worked when I came to the club.

"I said from day one to the players that if you're playing for Springhead then you'll be the fittest players in the league.

"We have had a difficult few weeks on the pitch and we need to get back to being physically better than the teams we play."

The recent 5-1 reverse at Royton Town was an eye-opener for Springhead after Leighton Stephenson had given his side the lead.

Coombe said: "We didn't do anything we had worked on and in the first half we were poor. In the second half we were 10 times worse.

"It was the first really bad day in the past 12 months and a couple of our lads had an off-day, but we have to remember that those players have gained us points in other games.

"We have a squad of 18 players and at this level it is easy to get a split when lads aren't playing, but I think we will be back to form soon."

Coombe, just like everyone around him at Springhead, would dearly love to see the club progress to a higher league and sees lots of potential for other clubs to achieve a higher status.


He added:" It would be a massive issue for us to go up and it might be a long way off. I would like to think that at some time it would be a good thing to do, but it will be tough.

"Staying where we are and have been for a long time in the Manchester League could be seen by some people as a lack of progress, but we are a very progressive club on all fronts.

"I watched Heyside the other week and spoke to their manager Geoff Howard and they look very capable of moving up to the top flight.

"There is loads of talent there and it's a good set-up, but there is some good stuff being played at lots of other clubs."

Of Coombe, Springhead manager McAllister said: "You know what you are getting with Gaz and his enthusiasm and positivity stands out. You have to admire him for that."


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