Date published: 04 October 2011

NAOMI Bishop and Sascha Kindred are among 12 new local stars to be acknowledged for their sporting achievements.

The names of Olympic diver Bishop and swimmer Kindred, who struck gold in the Paralympics in Beijing three years ago, were revealed by rugby league international Kevin Sinfield on the honours board located in Oldham Sports Centre.

Three other rugby league players who enjoyed England recognition — Rothwell ‘Rod’ Marlor (1921), Denis Murray (1962) and John Sexton (1962) — were also among the latest names to be unveiled.

They joined Bishop, who competed for Great Britain in the Seoul (1988) and Barcelona Olympics (1992), Kindred and other sporting achievers with links to the town.

They were England Test cricketer Geoff Pullar (1959-1963), Northern Ireland footballer Steve Jones (2003-07), baseball player Mick Harrop (1937-39), Great Britain athlete Ian Grime (1991-97), speedway ace Clem Beckett (1920-30s), international moutaineer Kevin Thaw (1980s to the present day) and England javelin thrower Andrew Ravenscroft (1989).

Sinfield, who hours later kicked Leeds Rhinos to glory in the Super League play-off semi-final against Warrington, was accompanied at the ceremony by Jamie Edwards.

Both men were among the original 80 champions, from many sporting backgrounds, to be nominated and recognised as sporting greats on the board.

Edwards, chairman of Oldham Community Leisure’s board of directors, said: “My sporting heritage is connected to Oldham in many ways.

“I started playing basketball at my school in Saddleworth and had the opportunity to continue that at a sports club which was run by a group of passionate volunteers.

“Today I look back on the chance I had to succeed because of the dedication of a group of teachers, coaches and volunteers who gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

“It was this group of people which made it possible for me to continue on and become an England International.”

Champions are identified as an honours candidate if they were born, lived or trained (for a minimum of five years) in the town and then competed at an international event.