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Grounds for concern at the Pollards

Reporter: KEITH McHUGH
Date online: 04 December 2012


OLDHAM Cricket Club intend to fulfil their fixtures in the Lake Garage CLL next season - despite grave and continued concerns over the club’s future.

Delegates at the league's annual meeting were alarmed that the Pollards club had failed to send a representative – the third time in a row no-one from Oldham had attended a league gathering.

And life member David Shepherd feared Oldham might not be able to field a team in the second tier of the league in 2013.

He said: "In that case, 28 matches would become 24. Have the management committee thought what the format may be in the event of a resignation?"

League chairman Neville Fletcher said: "We hope that eventuality does not arise, (but) we have no control of the situation at Oldham.

"The situation is being closely monitored and we are in the process of arranging a meeting with the club.

"Beyond that, I would not like to say any more. Until we have dialogue with them we cannot clarify the situation, but a meeting is imminent."

But Oldham captain Zafar Jatoi told the Chronicle the Pollards club intended to field teams in the CLL in 2013.

He said: "We are restructuring the club, but have not yet appointed a chairman and secretary.

"We cannot meet with the league until they are in place, but we do intend to continue and play in the league next season."

A MOVE to introduce power plays to the CLL programme was defeated.

Unsworth had proposed that fielding restrictions be imposed in the first 15 overs, but this was defeated 9-4.

However, Heywood's proposal for power plays to be introduced in the first six overs of Twenty20 ties was approved. No more than two players will be allowed to field outside the circle during the early stages of an innings.

ANY club found guilty of fielding an ineligible player in Wood Cup or Burton Cup ties could find themselves thrown out of the relevant competition.

Following Crompton's first-round exit at the hands of Unsworth at Glebe Street last season, it was discovered that the visitors had fielded an unregistered player.

Crompton appealed to the league, but as there was no rule in place to kick out an offending team, Unsworth were merely fined and went through to round two.

The league's Management Committee wanted the power to expel a team if they saw fit and delegates voted unanimously to introduce a new rule to this effect.

NORDEN'S bid to have all league and cup matches start at 12.30pm was defeated.


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