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Exciting new era for Matt

Date published: 07 December 2012

OLDHAM’S Matt Walls has been rubbing shoulders with two-time Olympic gold medalist Ed Clancy.

The five-time world champion attended the launch of the brand new Velocity WD-40 Junior and Youth cycling team, of which Walls (14) is a member.

Crompton House pupil Walls caught the eye after being crowned this year’s UK Junior Omnium champion.

The youngster raced in five different disciplines and had already been crowned champion before the fifth and final race.

Velocity hope to develop the next generation of Olympic stars and Clancy was only too happy to attend the launch at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester ahead of the second event in the Revolution Series.

He said: “It’s fantastic to see youngsters dedicating their time to cycling as it will undoubtedly help provide the country with the next generation of Olympic and world championship riders.

“I’d encourage all youngsters to take part in cycling as it not only keeps you fit, but could lead to a career in the sport.”


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