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Golden girl Jess

Date online: 07 December 2012


Jessica Lloyd has returned home to Saddleworth with four gold medals after making a splash in Brazil.

Representing Great Britain, the 17-year-old Olympian dazzled in the Brazilian School Olympics in Cuiaba, bagging first place in 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle races.

She was also an integral member of the winning relay team of Lloyd, Elena Sheridan, Danielle Lowe and Natasha Hofton, which finished five seconds clear of the chasing pack.

Lloyd, the youngest member of the Olympic squad, joined her teammates for two days of training in Rio before heading to Cuiaba.

Mum Ann said the trip was part of an exchange scheme: “Brazilian swimmers came over here in the summer and this nine-day trip was our turn to visit them. It gives our swimmers a taste of what it is like out there, ahead of the 2016 Games.

“Jess said it was testing at times because of the different conditions, climate and food.

“But Jessica and the rest of the Team GB swimmers performed very well and won almost every race in which they were involved. Now she is looking forward to a bit of a break.”

Gold glee for Catherine too...

OLDHAM Aquatics swimmer Catherine Stott led the way in the Cerebral Palsy Meet at Leek.

The 12-year-old Saddleworth School pupil took top spot in 25m freestyle and 25m backstroke, and bronze in the 50m freestyle.

Mark Lord, head coach of Oldham Aquatics, said: “Catherine is a fantastic swimmer and is showing good potential for the future.

“Catherine competes as an athlete with cerebral palsy and is an inspiration to us all.

“The Paralympics inspired us all this year and proved that Great Britain can produce some great athletes.”


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