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Naylor wants two more

Date published: 05 December 2012

SCOTT Naylor is hoping to add two more players to his 21-man Oldham RL squad before the turn of the year.

He wants to strengthen both forwards and backs — and he admits he’s going to be choosy.

“Every signing has to count. I won’t be bringing in anyone for the sake of it, or merely to fill a shirt.

“We need another forward and another back. I’ll be looking for a centre if possible, while another man up front wouldn’t do us any harm.”

Oldham’s new head coach is happy Roughyeds are in the tougher of two groups in the Northern Rail Cup preliminaries because he wants his young squad battle-hardened by the time the Championship One programme gets under way against Rochdale on Good Friday.

Said Naylor: “We’ll get far more out of tough and demanding tests. In terms of toughening us up we could hardly have asked for anything better than two trips to Wales either side of clashing with Rochdale and Gateshead at Whitebank.

“Before then we’ve got another three months of preparation, but I’m delighted to say we are making lots of progress. Training is going well; the attitude of the players is spot-on; and now that we’ve finally got the Salford link-up sealed and settled we can move on.”


Choosy? Since when could ORLFC afford to be choosy. Dream on!

"and now that we’ve finally got the Salford link-up sealed and settled we can move on.”
Was he quoting the leader of Salford City Council at the last "secret" finance meeting?
The link with Salford and the revelation of their financial black hole and "creative accounting"...

now where have I heard all this before??


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