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Mayo is cream of the crop after ice-breaker

Reporter: Jan Verbruggen
Date online: 07 December 2012

Angling: COMPETITORS in the Monarch AC fur and feather match had to break the ice on Monarch Lodge — but it didn’t have an impact on weights.

Billy Mayo, the winner, tipped the scales at 5lb 15oz, which included roach, perch and chub on pole and pinkie. The evergreen Dave White was the runner-up. He used pole and caster for 5lb 2oz of roach and skimmers.

IT was hard going on the Morrisons length of the Rochdale Canal in the Saturday open match.

Simon Walton, of Maver NW, managed two decent perch on pole and worm for a match-winning 12oz.

Brian Meadows (Leigh Tackle) had a last-gasp perch weighing 10oz, which demoted Dave Bradley into third. He had a perch and roach for 8oz.

Meadows went one better in the Northern Anglers Sunday open on the Poynton length of the Macclesfield Canal.

He bagged first place thanks to a 3lb 5oz net of small roach on bread punch at 12 metres.

MICK Tighe was first in the Medlock Bridge AC open on the Park Lake where, after two hours, he was still looking for his first bite.

But once in the swing of things, his maggot hookbait enticed 8lb 13oz of chub, roach and a 3lb bream.

Steve Hall, in second place, used red maggot at 13 metres for five skimmers and an 8lb 1oz net.

I MANAGED another pleasure session on the Boarshaw length of the Rochdale Canal.

Though it wasn’t as good as last week, it was still worth the effort as bread punch at nine metres caught small roach and the odd skimmer for around 3lb. Not bad for 30p worth of bread!

FITTON Hill AC are holding their annual meeting at the Hathershaw Hotel on Thursday, December 13 (8pm). Details, 0161 620 1954.

Venue Guide

Denshaw Vale: Memberships are available. For further details, call John on 665 1779.

Dowry Reservoir: Day tickets available from Tight Lines, Shaw and Sheddings Angling.

Ogden Reservoir: Day tickets on the bank and at Tight Lines, Shaw.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal: Day tickets on the bank. Fishing hard but still worth a session. Bread punch and chopped worm for small roach and perch.

Strinesdale Reservoir: Maggot for roach and chub. Day tickets on the bank.

Cargate Pool: Pleasure anglers struggling for fish.

Rochdale Canal: Morrisons length hard at the weekend but Boarshaw length fishing well. Bread punch for roach and skimmers. Feeding tight should get a few bites.

Bardsley Canal: Day tickets on the bank.

Alexandra Park Lake: Day tickets on the bank. Maggot for roach, chub and skimmers.

Hollingworth Lake: At this time of year there are some big perch feeding as well as small roach. Red maggot is as good as anything.

Diary Dates

THIS Sunday and December 16: Open matches on the Rochdale Canal. For details,

contact Simon on 07896 237224.

THURSDAY, December 13: Fitton Hill AC annual meeting at the Hathershaw Hotel (8pm).

EVERY Saturday: Medlock Bridge AC open on the Park Lake. Draw 9.30am at Kings Road. Fishing 10.30am to 3.30pm. For further details, contact Darren on 07753 414838.

EVERY Thursday: Tameside Federation

members-only matches on Stonepits. Draw 9.30am. Fishing 10.15am to 3.15pm. Pools are £5 on the day.

TO report any news or views on the local or national angling scene, contact Jan

Verbruggen on 07846 456408 or email janangling@hotmail.co.uk


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