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Pitch in to back Oldham

Date published: 11 December 2012

OLDHAM Rugby League Club are asking fans to back a sponsorship scheme which has the potential to raise £56,700 towards the Whitebank ground’s development.

Fans can sponsor one or more one-metre squares of the pitch for £10 a square; the money raised will go into a ground-development account to be used exclusively for that purpose.

The pitch can be divided into 5,670 squares of those dimensions, and supporters will receive a certificate for each square they sponsor.

Despite delays caused by circumstances outside the club’s control, plans continue for a new stand on one side of the ground, terracing on the other, extra turnstiles and new toilet and refreshment facilities.

In a letter to season-ticket holders and an upbeat message to rank-and-file supporters, chairman Chris Hamilton said the club needed to raise as much money as it could for ground improvement.

For details contact the club on 628 3677.


Isn't it rather pathetic when you look around at other towns with sports facilities second-to-none that Oldham languishes way behind them. Come on council, dig deep and take a gamble on providing this town with the proper sports grounds that we once had. After all, who was it who got rid of Watersheddings?

My I was really surprised that in his impassioned speech regarding the club having to raise as much money as it can that Rugby Oldham is once again not mentioned at all...the old chestnut of "Terms and Conditions apply" and we are familiar indeed with the ORLFC piper calling the tune..and playing it solo!

No doubt when this ridiculous scheme fails due to lack of interest CH will blame his inability to improve the dump on someone else. What exactly does this man do? And how much does he pay himself? RIP ORLFC.


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