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Massive setback for Reds

Date published: 12 December 2012

SALFORD City Reds, who announced a link-up with Oldham RL last month, has suffered a body blow in an attempt to secure its future.

It is thought club bosses asked Salford council to lend them £750,000, with a similar amount coming from Peel Holdings, owners of the City of Salford Stadium.

The Super League club is due to face a winding–up petition on January 7, an action begun by sponsor Steur Gregsson but now run by HM Revenue and former players Vinnie Anderson and Luke Patten, each of whom is pursuing a £40,000 claim in a salary arrangement.

But Salford mayor Ian Stewart has now refused them help: “Times are tough and, in many ways, the Reds are yet another victim of the recession,” Stewart said.

“We would have loved to try to help them out, but given the spending cuts the city council is already facing, that proved impossible.”

He added: “The Reds have had a long and proud history in Salford over the last 116 years, but they are now victims of cash flow problems and the current economic climate.

“We will do everything in our power to support the club. I would urge any single investor or group of investors interested in a takeover to act extremely quickly before the directors make a final decision on the future.”

The Reds/Roughyeds partnership involves benefiting from the full-time club’s strength and conditioning programmes, medical expertise, sales, marketing and commercial initiatives.

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This situation has hardly come as a surprise, One cannot but question the soundness of decision making that has led to ORLFC becoming the feeder club of a club in serious danger of being wound up, on the plus side of course Our chairman and owner will be able to advise Salford City Reds as this situation is one he is familiar with


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