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Crompton to take on holders

Date published: 14 December 2012


CROMPTON face a tough test at holders Middleton in the first round of the John Willie Lees Wood Cup.

Oldham entertain Clifton, and will travel to the winners of Werneth versus Rochdale if they progress.

If Royton come away from Monton and Weaste with a victory, they will hit the road to Norden or Littleborough in round two.

First round ties take place on Sunday, May 19. with round two on Sunday, June 16.

Semi-finals are penned in for Sunday, July 7, with Heywood hosting the final on Sunday, August 4. All matches start at 1.30pm.

First round draw: Oldham v Clifton; Middleton v Crompton; Radcliffe v Walsden; Unsworth v Heywood; Norden v Littleborough; Monton and Weaste v Royton; Ashton v Milnrow; Werneth v Rochdale.

Second round draw: Norden/Littleborough v Monton and Weaste/Royton; Unsworth/Heywood v Middleton/Crompton; Radcliffe/Walsden v Ashton/Milnrow; Werneth/Rochdale v Oldham/Clifton.

Fixtures for the Burton Cup, for

second elevens, are reversed.


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