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Moorside Classic is no more

Reporter: Keith McHugh
Date online: 18 December 2012


ONE of the Oldham area’s few remaining major bowls competitions, the Moorside Classic, has been lost.

Lack of support in the latest running of the prestigious event has been given as the primary reason for the competition’s demise.

Said organiser Geoff Woolley: “We only had 95 entries (maximum 128) this time and then quite a few players did not even turn up.

“On one occasion, only five people showed up on one of the qualifying nights and it’s just not fair on some players to have just one game to qualify, having come from as far as Birmingham to play in the event.”

One competition which will be held at Moorside next summer is the Oldham Evening Chronicle Handicap, the finals of which will be staged at the green on Friday, July 6.

WATERLOO and Taunton’s relentless march towards the Inbev Winter Bowling League ‘A’ Division title at Chadderton Cot continued unchecked when they defeated Failsworth 11-0.

Springbank lost the aggregate by two points in a 7-4 reverse against Hopwood, while New Street suffered an identical fate against Nimble Nook.

In the ‘B’ Division, there were wins for Springhead, Prestwich and Vixens.

IAN Bardsley won his second Ashton Cricket Club winter competition this season when he defeated Ray Tracey 21-10 in Sunday’s final.

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