Blank looks on the bank

Date published: 21 December 2012


WINTER fishing can be hard, with good anglers blanking all day as those around them catch at every turn.

This is inevitable though as the cold weather draws the fish into tighter shoals.

An example presented itself on the Rochdale Canal. On the Slattocks length, Brian Meadows won with a small roach enticed by bread punch at six metres. Meadows ended with 3lb 4oz — while the angler on the next peg ended empty-handed.

Runner-up Mick Travis claimed a big roach on caster and smaller samples falling to bread punch, together totalling 1lb 4oz.

THE water iced up just a few days before the Todmorden AS 30-peg open match on the Lorry Park length of the canal at Smithybridge.

Drawing a decent peg was more important than ever and Paul Cryer (Maver NW) earned top spot as bread punch from six metres brought roach adding up to 6lb 7oz.

Club-mate Roger Priestley, who was two pegs away from the winner, took plenty of roach on bread punch which totalled 6lb 4oz.

The other side of the bridge was a different story, as 15 anglers could tempt only three small perch between them. I was one of the lucky ones and won my section.

There were some cracking competitors, just no fish. In summer fish are spread out and you will catch on most pegs; but winter is a different story, and it’s vital to think carefully about where you are going to set-up.

FAILSWORTH’S Ken Power (TRI-CAST Highfield) led the way in the Sycamore Fisheries open match, made harder by ice on the water.

Opting for maggot and 4mm pellet over small amounts of groundbait, Power helped himself to two small mirrors and loads of roach, totalling 6lb 12oz.

Runner-up Paul Marsh took 5lb of skimmers on pellet.

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Ogden Reservoir — Day tickets on the bank and at Tight lines Shaw.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal — Day tickets on the bank. Not many anglers venturing out but those that do will catch fish. Just keep your feed tight.

Strinesdale Reservoir — Day tickets on the bank. Iced over but when clear expect chub, roach and skimmers. Tipping might be a good option in the freezing conditions.

Cargate Pool — Odd fish feeding but rock hard.

Rochdale Canal — Again iced over for most of the week but unfrozen at weekend. Pick your peg carefully and you will catch.

Bardsley Canal — Day tickets on the bank.

Alexandra Park Lake — Day tickets on the bank.

Hollingworth Lake — Small groundbait feeder and red maggot or worm for roach and perch with the odd skimmer.


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