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Scholes takes a leaf out of Becks’ book

Date published: 03 December 2013

PAUL Scholes scored some great goals on the biggest of football stages – in World Cup finals, the Champions League, and regularly in the Premier League for all-conquering Manchester United.

But did the Saddleworth-based Athletic fan ever score from inside his own half?

He has now - even though it was during a small-sided match and not a full-size pitch!

Scholes (39), has been turning out occasionally for Chaddy Park Legends, an over-35s team.

In a recent match on one of North Chadderton School’s 3G pitches, Scholes robbed an opponent from Chaddy Veterans before taking aim from well inside his own half and planting a gloriously accurate shot over the goalkeeper and into the net.

After scoring a goal so reminiscent of David Beckham’s famous effort for United against Wimbledon back in 1996, the Reds and England hero smiled, took a congratulatory tap from one of his five team-mates, and carried on playing.

This brilliant goal was scored almost three weeks ago - but once a video appeared on the Chadderton Park FC website yesterday, it went viral within hours.

By today there had been almost 600,000 views on YouTube.

Two more clips are set to be uploaded to the broadcasting website. One, featuring Scholes scoring direct from a corner with the outside of his boot, could prove just as popular.


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