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Flood of new clubs for league

Reporter: Keith McHugh
Date online: 06 March 2014

CRICKET: SEVEN clubs have applied to join the Lake Garage Central Lancashire Cricket League in 2015.

Saddleworth, Heyside and Whalley Range from the Saddleworth and District League are believed to be among them.

Months ago CLL secretary Alan Wright placed advertisements in local newspapers at the league’s request, inviting applications. Seven clubs had answered by the February 17 deadline.

“I can’t name the seven,” said Mr Wright. “I have written to the leagues they come from and they have not yet responded. One obvious problem, for example, would be if there was money owed to a league.”

The CLL has appointed a five-man sub-committee the applicants in the next month.

“We will be inspecting grounds, wickets, sight screens, machinery etc and meeting representatives,” added Mr Wright. “Assuming there are no problems, the management committee will make their recommendations to league delegates.”

If all are approved, the CLL could face a juggling act in 2015 with 23 clubs playing in the Premier Division and Championship. This would mean an odd number of teams in one division, meaning one club would have an open date on any given date.

Mr Wright said the prospect of an odd number of teams wouldn’t affect the CLL’s thinking


Does the CLL want to get better, or just bigger?

I'd love you to elaborate CommitteeMan? I assume the answer to your question is both. On the field the above 3 teams mentioned would improve the quality of cricket at both senior & junior level.

Whalley Range is a quality set up in terms of facilities and meets this crazy notion that every CLL ground needs to be big! SCC & HCC's facilities and ground are very good too and they produce good decks. Maybe the score box lets them both down and obviously HCC is small but why should that be an issue

I suppose it's a case of being realistic. I agree re. WR, very good setup. But HCC & SCC are nothing special when compared to Heywood for example. But I don't suppose there are many clubs of that quality looking for a new league.


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