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Confident Ronnie ready to reveal Aintree Iron

Reporter: Simon Smedley
Date online: 06 March 2014

BOXING: MORE than 200 supporters from Oldham will be cheering on Ronnie Heffron at Aintree on Saturday night.

And the boxer is determined to put on a great show for his travelling army of fans. Light-middleweight star Heffron (23) was as cool as ever this week in the build-up to the bout against Edinburgh’s John Thain (26).

The Scot is unbeaten in 11 fights as a pro while Heffron has lost only once in 15.

It is a mouth-watering pairing, which will see the winner take on Joe Selkirk for the WBO European crown later in the year.

The pressure is on Heffron to win at Aintree - but no-one would know it, given his naturally laid-back attitude.

He said: “I’ve trained hard for this. I know some people are saying I’m in for a tough night, but I’m not fazed in any way. I can’t wait for Saturday to come round.

“Thain is unbeaten in the pros, but I know I’ve got enough to beat him - beat him well, to be honest.

“There is a lot at stake; it’s effectively a European title eliminator. That’s for the future, though. This weekend it’s about putting on a good show at a great venue and I’m determined to do that.”


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