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Reporter: Non-league by SIMON SMEDLEY
Date online: 29 July 2014

OFFICIALS at Oldham Boro have spoken of their delight after agreement was reached with Mossley FC to ground-share at the Lilywhites’ Seel Park home.

North-West Counties League First Division outfit Boro have been playing almost 30 miles away at Atherton Collieries FC for the past two seasons after opting to leave Whitebank due chiefly to not having the first say on the dates of fixtures over new landlords Oldham RL.

However, they are now returning much closer to home, beginning with Saturday’s 2014-15 season opener at ‘home’ against Cheadle Town.

Boro chairman Mark Kilgannon is keen to point out that his club will continue the search for their own base in Oldham, but after agreeing a two-year rolling deal with Mossley, he said: “Of course everyone connected with Boro is delighted that we’ll be sharing with Mossley now.

Boro team manager Tony Mills revealed that his club may well have gone out of business had they continued playing at Atherton.

Mills added: “This switch to Mossley is going to be a lifeline for us.

“Our club was teetering on the edge, literally.

“We’ve lost players, officials, and most importantly fans over the last couple of seasons, and if it had carried on, the club was going to just stop.”
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