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Jiu did well!

Date online: 10 February 2016

MEMBERS of the Stealth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club were the lionhearts of Lisbon after collecting medals of all colours at the European Championships in the historic city.

After claiming silver in the 2015 renewal, David Minto went one better with gold in the masters (30 years plus) heavyweight division. The brown belt was a class above his rivals.

The Chadderton-based club also celebrated a brace of silver medals. Purple belt Emil Malczewski was runner-up in the adult (18 to 30 years) lightweight section. He won three matches on his way to the final - in which he was beaten on points.

And there was a silver medal for Phil Russell (white belt) in the masters lightweight division.

He won his first match on points, before submitting his opponent in the semi-final with a choke from half-guard top position.

Roberto Mura returned from Portugal with a bronze medal in the masters lightweight category. The blue belt won his first two contests on points.

“The other team members fought well but unfortunately came up short in their opening matches,” said Stealth club spokesperson Ken O’Shaughnessy.


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